Bragood, help the girl find a good bra

when you first heard, a gentleman of seeing a pick girl underwear project you will feel. I like ordinary people about knowledge, first thought is impossible.

this Y must be the cover of pick girl underwear to pick up women. But fortunately I just think in my heart, I still through the universal search engines to understand the background of this industry and this under the yes.

this ye from traditional industry, has now turned 30. Reading plunged into underwear industry, industry information, research a lot of information. In terms of zhihu his professional bra knowledge to be its understanding of this industry. Like but according to experts, but not just experts and appealing to cloud reports. He has an ideal, a rare did a common Internet ordering underwear brand.

but this dream, Mr. Liu said it is too far, have been explored. Now they formed is the cuckoo, the web site (, bragood free translation for the beauty of “intimate”, meaning the best underwear.

Mr. Liu for the purpose of the cuckoo, is in order to solve part of the trouble of women underwear, underwear of universal science idea, from the deeper level focus on breast health, namely to help the girl find a good bra.

it is interesting to liu team recently conducted a underwear to try on activity, the purpose is to look at the Oriental female bra wearing situation of actual, guess what the result, the calculated only four percent of people will choose the appropriate oneself underwear and dressed properly. Why is this so, women don’t wear underwear, right wrong, should be their most did not choose the right her underwear. But the reality is that they simply don’t realize it. Or after realized also cannot solve the problem. So change the idea, and make them aware of and can be either choice is a good solution.

so cuckoo on the one hand, doing more scientific and correct viewpoint on underwear, knowledge popularization, (girls just want to appropriate oneself underwear, no matter what is the scientific standards), the popularization of knowledge as well as trying to solve this problem. Based on the above what are they doing these two things, one is according to the evaluation on the users in the cuckoo and big data to help users find their proper bra. And recommend them to their purchase. The other is by providing common bra custom services, to create a suitable user bra.

guide before a user survey and product, this can be needless to say, the data is accurate and precise need to supplement and overcome in the future. After a bra custom sounds imaginary space. Cuckoo in the future to make the bra “crowdsourcing”, by the user participation experience do big data, the algorithm and the engine, for users to create their own bra products.” Positioning is a college student and working knowledge of white-collar crowd. This part of the population has certain pursuit in life, like to accept new things. Will have more pursuit of underwear.

usually say how big is this market, near the end of today, let’s not talking about this, because as long as there is the user wants to better and more suitable for the demand of the underwear is enough. Products come out, by the user need this is the most important thing. How big is that market, can only say that is very big, to guess.

in the future, to help the girl looking for bra, think of go away, that’s enough.

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