Broadcom exit: future phones who can live?

as nokia, blackberry, MOTOROLA in the smartphone market disappeared and were forced to sell or struggling, and intelligent mobile phone industry is closely related to the mobile phone chips did not. Recently, broadcom out of mobile phone chips (mobile phone baseband chips) market news again, let us see the smartphone industry competition is fierce and cruel.

in fact, as early as before the broadcom, fierce competition has forced many big-name companies opt out mobile phone baseband chip market, such as ti (Texas Instruments Inc.), stmicroelectronics (ST Microelectronics NV) and Ericsson (Ericsson). Believe that, as the competition in the future there will be related vendors not escape out of the fate of the phones. Moreover, the remaining but a loud sigh, and we are more care about, who is likely to survive in the future market of mobile phone chips, or more specifically, which model of chip is survival, even the opportunity of the development.

as we all know, the chip industry () is not only a mobile phone chips, technology, scale, capital is the survival and development of the three elements. These features in the chip industry had the largest traditional PC. AMD had moderate rain in the PC market Intel on the early and middle, it matched technology difficult point, but ultimately limited by size and short of funds, Intel is far beyond. In today’s phones, etc.

from the current mobile phone chip market competition, the real three elements have only qualcomm. Technically, qualcomm in AP is closely related to the mobile phone chips and baseband chips, are also important SoC integration capabilities are far more than its competitors; Scale, qualcomm in AP and baseband chip market on the market share and revenue of all rows in the first place, and well ahead of his opponent. In baseband chip market, for example, Strategy Analytics, according to the latest report qualcomm to 66% of its revenue market share continue to firmly, mediatek and Intel respectively by 12% and 7% in the second and third. Since had the leading technology and scale, capital (r&d) next nature is not a problem, and will continue to form the positive cycle effect of technology, scale, capital.

the next look at the so-called qualcomm mediatek’s biggest opponent. Mediatek formed from 2 g times its body and the foundation of development of Turnkey mode. This model due to the low price is quite popular among mobile phone manufacturers. Into the 3 g era, the pattern is still relying heavily on the pattern of mediatek, but the only difference is that mobile phone chip industry leader qualcomm began on a similar pattern, namely qualcomm QRD, and qualcomm will this pattern covers high, medium and low-end.

although qualcomm in the low-end market, its price would not necessarily QRD than mediatek Turnkey (after all, it is somebody else’s mediatek play an ace from 2 g), however, because of qualcomm QRD is broad coverage, and as smartphones manufacturers improve revenue and profit, qualcomm QRD in high school the superiority, will surely will be under pressure to the lower end of the market, and by mediatek can only deal with is to promote cost-effective Turnkey patterns, but as a result, its revenue and profits will be under more pressure than before. So, to some extent, mediatek’s future depends on qualcomm future how to develop its own QRD mode, that is the future of mediatek fate half master in the hands of rivals qualcomm.

in addition to qualcomm and mediatek, it’s a pity that we believe in open ARM architecture of mobile phone chips in the market, there will be no third enterprise survival space. Of course, in addition to qualcomm, mediatek chips, there is a kind of mobile phone chips or enterprise can survive, that is the apple, samsung and self-sufficiency haisi.

if we still to measure the three elements, apple started by industry in the first paragraph 64 A7 mobile phone chips have prove its technical strength in the mobile phone chips to the industry. As far as the size, only a year more than 100 million iPhone and tens of millions of the device is enough to support its survival and development, but when it comes to money, which we still use to say, you know.

look at samsung, accurately, the samsung mobile phone is not purely self-sufficiency, because in addition to its own smartphones in use, other phone makers are also in use, this is before and qualcomm, mediatek pure mobile phone chips open markets and apple self-sufficiency different places. But considering samsung smartphone large shipments, even in the open market as qualcomm and mediatek (shipments), with only their own part of smart phones digestion, would be enough to reach the size of the needed for the survival and development. Mention money, like apple, samsung money.

as for China’s huawei haisi. Compared with apple, samsung, haisi situation awkward. This conjunction falls mainly reflected in its if according to the current completely self-sufficient model of development, whether can achieve the scale of the survival needs. After all, only from the perspective of self-sufficiency, huawei is more than a few models used in its own haisi chip, which is why the industry have been discussing recently, haisi wants to grow, whether should be independent development, the main reason for the open market. But the trouble with this, if the sea to the open market, with its current influence in the industry, technology, etc., will there be other handset manufacturers use. Can say so, haisi place in mobile phone chip market, need to face the challenge themselves and objective.

in the end, is also the biggest suspense is totally different from the above vendor is Intel. We said it is totally different, because the phones have adopted their own X86 architecture. Because of the cognitive architecture and market, Intel is currently in the smartphone market with qualcomm technology compared with mediatek price gap is quite big. The only remaining is the money. As a global chip industry leader, Intel has a solid financial strength. It depends on Intel in the phones are determined. If the determined to gain a foothold in the market, with the financial strength to play war of attrition, together with its beginning in the phones, not without the possibility of its survival.

all analysis, we believe that the future mobile phone chip market, able to survive the manufacturer can be determined, in the open market will be qualcomm, mediatek, samsung; Apple chips will exist independently; Haisi and Intel are variable. As for other vendors, or early planning as well. Not pessimistic, we are too bitter competition.