Burberry, former chief executive of joining apple service for wearable devices?

apple last night announced the latest quarter’s earnings, also revealed that Burberry former CEO Angela Ahrendts began to join apple, as the VP of the retail sector.

this two years apple constantly poaching fashion executives. Besides Ahrendts, include:

Paul Deneve famous clothing brand yves saint Laurent’s former CEO.

Ben Shaffer design part of the former director of the Nike company. Participants who as the main design FuelBand, wearable equipment products. As Nike Nike in “innovation kitchen” (Nike lab), head of the R/D, Ben Shaffer, who led the design the notorious FlyKnit running shoes.

as the lifestyle consumer electronics company, apple brand itself is part of the fashion. Also presumably fashion executives to join apple, it is possible that apple to prepare for the new wearable device.

cook in D11 conference was explicitly expressed interest in wearable devices, he also suggested that apple in various situation this year there will be a new category. Cook also, of course, has criticised for wearable equipment products, users don’t like them. If apple do wearable devices? Sure will try to make it from appearance to function all become part of the fashion, well, just like Burberry bag.