Business for 11 years, I have fill five hole!

source: MBA

if it’s not very strict standards, I was successful, earn some money, made some friends, also calculate status in local area is a little river’s lake.

but this for 11 years, for entrepreneurship, bitter is no less, pit is no less filling, which taste, also only oneself know. The etheric give a chance, I have to fill in the entrepreneurial process of several collate hole also vomit a tank, by the way. (ps: avoid later everyone take these words for my account, I also asked to remain anonymous, ha ha.)

the first hole, is about focus!

focus on this matter, if it is on the table, almost everyone is reluctant to admit that he is not a focus of people, this is because when we put the focus is too narrow and specific. Few people said he was at work, write a plan, don’t focus on the meeting, if you also do not focus, basic is a basket case.

for entrepreneurs, focus should be more macro, such as focus on one industry or one area. I am 09 startup, dried roots, real estate marketing planning, a good money. A year later, feel good experience and qualifications in the field of marketing, and friends of the partnership to a brand of agricultural and sideline products. It has been proved that this kind of thing is both involving energy, waste his inheritance, also cannot play their expertise. After a very painful experience, decisive, but missed the term development of the best years.

so I now often and colleagues say, never a career change, also do not easily give up their own professional field. Now this society too much temptation, too many opportunities, can be engaged, in the field of their own industry and insist on down, is very helpful for business. I give myself the entrepreneurial orientation, focus on industry, if has nothing to do with the industry, is also not earn much more money.

the second hole’s partner!

I startup superstition, the absolute only is professional person, can do a partner, or more utilitarian point, who can help the company to make money, who can be a partner. My dear, the hole is I fill in for several years.

at the beginning, only is good, have invited some of the great god, after the honeymoon, such as the great god have phase between light, began to compare, a run on each other, finally put the contradiction between the great god all my emotions in my office. All say easier please god send god, its true meaning is that send out is easy, but should we not turn, do not dig Angle, industry reputation, the young, I was a painful experience.

I learned my lesson

in the later, on the one hand, no longer superstitious so-called professional, a great god, and on the other hand, I don’t easily define who is a partner, only after a period of time, able to fuse and companies in various aspects, also does the company make a great contribution to people, just as a partner.

the third hole’s stake!

about stake in the pit, is absolutely the most money pit. The pit, the pit and the above is very similar in many ways, but one more thing I have to remind of entrepreneurs, equity is the company’s largest and most important asset, not as a last resort, don’t sell shares. Equity has a characteristics, that is, a total of only 100, no less, you give out 5, less 5, and will never come back.

I used to, as long as someone can do a good job in the company, give a stake. To the to the found wrong, their hand is running out, when meet a suitable talents, to get some from others, it is allocated almost impossible.

the fourth hole is management mechanism.

when a startup, think we are all brothers and sisters and brothers, then management on democracy, some big and small issues together to discuss and vote on it. But, in fact, as a result, the event could not decisions, how decisions someone will not satisfied, and small, who also don’t decision, mutual shuffle.

startup autocracy is necessary. As a major shareholder and general manager, on the one hand, to be used for decision making under the pressure, on the one hand, don’t overestimate the other partners for the company’s emotions. Due to have incomplete information and profit distribution, the startup democracy tends to bring disaster.

the fifth hole is face!

as entrepreneurs, we open business partnership, he is general manager, almost every day there are a lot of problems need to be solved, the pressure is very big. In the process, often will produce an illusion, feel oneself is general manager, has been very hard every day, then you must take care of your emotions, particularly thin face.

this is very dangerous, within the company, you will feel as the general manager and shareholder, you should bear the pressure; The pressure on the outside of the company, you you also don’t know, but for the sake of his face, also not too willing to ridicule in the company. And then will accumulate, accumulate until they can’t afford, consequences.

my advice: when it encounters huge difficulty, use some mud to their face, his face painted thicker, 1/8-inch-thick should consult to consult, it come on come on, the plea, begged the mistake to apologize. I often do, is conducive to harmony, but also to the harmonious relationship between colleagues, more conducive to effective use of external resources.

the above five hole, are all, personally I fill in every hole is actually a history of tears, for your reference.