By Nike cut FuelBand team, Google welcome you!

hunting cloud last week Nike FuelBand wearable device hardware changes. Nike to teamed up with apple, began to give up hardware development focus on software, so the down part of the hardware team personnel. After that the employees “laid off” where to go?

maybe, they can go to Google Nest team.

according to fact, intelligent household startups Google bought by a Nest is to interview than it was in Oregon city hardware engineer.

what place is than it was?

Nike FuelBand office than it was in the city, and than, since it is also the home of the Nike’s official address (though office headquarters in Washington county). Nest is clearly to dig Angle FuelBand hardware team.

from abandoned wearable equipment team to move to the much-anticipated smart home team, maybe is a good choice?

allegedly Nest has rented a local hotel conference room begin, of course it is not clear what FuelBand team staff will join the Nest.

let’s Nest HR point of praise, the agility, first-class!