Called iMessage — head: this IM product let me have a reason to leave apple

a few days ago, apple called iMessage — development team leader Andrew Vyrros announced the departure. The man’s departure is not what great news, the key is the cause of the people leave the company, was considered their IM (instant messaging) application as a startup company products perfect.

the startup is Layer, the launch of the same instant messaging application is still in closed beta, is obtained from Homebrew, AME Cloud Ventures investment company (Yang) and arg, Capital, risk investment of up to $14.5 million, such as A round of funding.

Layer type is a tool of instant messaging applications. Application, it is not a separate application, but merely a SDK. Its main utility is as simple a few lines of code, was added to the different application, so as to provide instant communication function for this system. Layer can realize multimedia messaging, notification push, the cloud synchronization, the instant messaging applications such as offline storage of all functions, Layer also allows developers to customize different user interface.

is this app is still in beta, the companies hope to profit by means of charge.

the company is talent. Co-founder Ron Palmeri had developed a Grand Central, which is acquired by Google, as Google Voice. In addition, the developers XMPP agreement Jeremie Miller, OpenDNS former chief operating officer George Patterson has successively joined the Layer.

Andrew Vyrros formerly yahoo and Xerox PARC, as Steve jobs founded NeXT studio was acquired, and join the apple. Tenure at apple, Andrew Vyrros is responsible for the called iMessage –, FaceTime, Game Center, iTunes Genius and apple notice to push the business. He implicitly in the blog explains his departure from apple to join the cause of the Layer:

“want to build a high safety, strong scalability, low latency, save flow and energy consumption of instant messaging applications, it is very difficult. But it is very challenging and fun. I saw these factors in a Layer of bud. It isn’t an app, but a platform can generate more app.”