Cannot find a parking space, Vatler help you reserve a parking “servant”

if you drive to work in San Francisco, you might know in San Francisco found a right price of the parking lot, how difficult it is one thing. Unless your office has its own parking lot, you are likely to pay to park your car in a garage is far away from the workplace. Prick silk is a dream, can have an on-call “servant”, a day to help me find a parking space in a crowded city, and when I need to drive back for me? !

this is not good to be true, because a company named Valter have the above scenario into reality.

by Vatler this application, the user can in preparing to leave his car when the car to the valet parking service provider (agent). Later, valet can parking the car to a safe place, parked there all day. And when customers ready to work only need to send this request, valet will drive to customer offices nearby.

co-founder Hamza Ouazzani Chahdi, said of the miserable parking situation not just happening in San Francisco, also occurred in other cities in the world. When their team have seen all this, they decided to develop Vatler applications. First of all, they set out to solve the problem for the customer, but they found that there is a greater chance, that is when the user wants to go out for dinner or watch the game, offering on-demand service for guest.

in the initial stage, Vatler provides users with a one-time order price. Price is as follows: in the SOMA or Mission is the price of a $20 and $300 a month, and the financial district a $35, is $500 a month.

there is no doubt that at that price, Vatler can obtain profit. But the problem is that the prospects of such demand valet how wide? Founder, said the goal is to drive into the city of 200000 people every day, but what is certain is a portion of them are willing to pay for such services.