Car ownership, “a dollar car wash” cut to the car after market

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auto after market O2O began to cut in from the mobile end, dots strategy is new products maintain a car, to wash the car cut links, with the price run up to the user.

overhead and is one of the auto market after the mobile O2O service platform, including the merchant and the owner, provided in a variety of applications such as washing the car, maintenance, online consultation and other kinds of cars and docking services.

the current subsidy dribs and a key to the main car wash. Users to choose the appropriate merchants on the mobile end, choose corresponding car wash, wash the car type or use WeChat or pay treasure payment can be completed due to wash the car.

tell hunting cloud network team, now they are also in hangzhou market advocate one yuan car business, is registered can obtain one yuan car vouchers (need not upload property certificates and other information), mining software by subsidies mode to develop the consumption habit of the user. Subsidies would follow the user car wash once a week, currently has 200 merchants in hangzhou support car wash service.

if users want to maintenance of vehicles, to maintain a little post maintenance of demand, businesses can bid price, after see push each other owners can APP booking order after choosing appropriate, complete can online payment services, and also enjoys a preferential payment throughout the year.

in addition to wash the car maintain a little another function is: “a rescue”, car accidentally broke down halfway, flat tire, or can be battery’s dead in the nearest position to the nearest rescue of merchants request.

overhead and in addition to being a O2O auto after market service products, also support small online q&a community, users can ask questions online, in view of the problem, have a professional engineer real-time solutions.

maintain a little small card belongs to the hangzhou science and technology, in view of the merchants have the corresponding products, can help business to complete order, quotation, online car wash, receipts, and other functions, is now need system certification after use. Such as similar products are washing the car, love wash the car. Wash the car wash the car more do service business alliance, to wash the car card cut. Another car is his own love wash the car team, door to door service. Main is convenient and efficient.




time: in February 2014,

company: hangzhou small card technology co., LTD.

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