Crap job?

I have little left to finish the race and we have all started to send resumes to different companies and I have even participated in various integration campaigns to the world of work that has been organized by the board of Castilla y León and the university.

I have looked at many companies such as Neoris, Coritel, Indra, IBM, Everis etc … and some have liked me more than others, but something that is common in almost all are salaries.

This afternoon we have been discussing some class about the difference of working in Salamanca or Madrid, and about the quality of life in one place and in another.

I guess that except for those who are willing to run away from home most people prefer to live in their own city, that parents live very well ..

The fact is that I was surprised by the amount of junk work that is related to computer science, work intrusion apart, I find it degrading that after studying for 5 years copper more working as a telemarketer in orange than as a computer engineer.

And I ask myself, treating people like that, will they pretend to work motivated? I enjoy what I do because I love my work but to a limit, I am not willing to work 12 hours a day (unpaid overtime) for 800 euros a month and I sincerely believe that companies that treat their employees the final result I already imagine it …

53 techniques with style sheets

Interesting “tutorial” or collection of tricks that we can carry out with style sheets.

It’s really worth taking a look.

If you want ideas for good CSS programming visit 70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding

Human stupidity

This is the typical article that I would like not to have to write but that is often impossible to ignore.

This afternoon was quietly in my car, when stopped at a traffic light, the car in front that had invaded the next lane began to reverse, as I was seeing the play began to whistle to realize that I was behind but nor for those, ended up crashing into my car.

At the beginning, her driver, did not even get out of the car, I had to go and look for her and to my surprise she went out in a rage. After drowning the enormous desire I had to grab her and stamp her against the moon of her car I convinced her to stop on a nearby street.

The first thing he said to me was: “Nothing happened to you, I’m leaving”

After forcing her to stay I went to examine the car, I checked how I had put half a front right inside, one of the grids and the bulb were a bit out and the paint of the bumper somewhat damaged, after “trying to explain it” and tell him he had that to give part to the insurance tells me: “But if you have given me your”, it is in those moments when a cold sweat runs through your body, and you have to calm down so as not to take a stick and destroy the car.

Seeing how you could not converse with “this person” I decided to call the police and before my surprise they did not take more than 3 minutes to arrive. Before the unit of attestations the “little woman” declared that she had backed off, but when she hit me I was not stopped and that was totally false.

As I know perfectly well that there is a local police traffic camera in there, I told the agent, and he, very kind, checked how at that moment the camera was located in that area, before the threat of the camera and that there was I picked up the whole scene, she accepted the part where I was totally stopped.

The “little woman” was a foreigner, she did not have a year to drive, she did not wear the “L”, she refused to give the address or the telephone to the agents (they checked her background) in order .. a panoramic view worth seeing and nobody took action against her.

I understand perfectly how there are so many traffic accidents, with people like that .. it’s something very normal, the strange thing would be that there were not, the car of this “person” was destroyed, the bumpers aboyeados, the side grated, did not know or park, in short, a walking danger.

Moraleja: The next time something happens to you, no matter how small, look for witnesses, with that you will assure that people “with bad blood” do not take advantage of you.

Software versions

As a computer specialist, I am very pleased with this text about the different versions through which “almost all” computer programs pass.

Version 1.0: Also known as ‘Almost Beta’ or ‘Dangerous Version’. We had to release this version because the lab boys got to the point of ‘mental fissure’ and the marketing guys could no longer cope with the stress. We are praying for you. find it more functional than a virus and that it is possible to find some of the virtues that the company sponsored before its launch.

Version 1.1: We have repaired all the programming errors (bugs) dangerous …

Version 1.2: Oops! … repairing the dangerous bugs we created some new ones, but now we repair them.

Version 2.0: At last we managed to realize the program that we wanted from the beginning. It’s not really what users need, but we’re working on it.

Version 2.1: Well, due to the importance of the changes in the previous version, we missed some other bug. This time, we did a rigorous test, therefore we are almost convinced that we do not create new bugs based on the previous ones.

Version 2.2: Well … sorry, just one detail. It was a typing error (with the keyboard). They would not believe the problems that that is capable of producing.

Version 2.3: Someone found a bug that had been bothering since version 1.0, but it has already passed to a better life, do not worry (I mean the bug, not the one that found it).

Version 3.0: Hey! We think that we finally have it. Many customers are really happy with this version.

Version 3.1: Of course, some things …

Version 4.0: More features. Now it is twice the size. By the way, now it also requires more memory, and a faster processor …

Version 4.1: Only one or two ‘errors’ … seriously!

Version 5.0: Actually we need to get a new product. But…
Why not expand this and avoid possible new ‘errors’? Also we already know you and you. He also knows him. Some of the staff has left, but the main ones are still here.

Version 6.0: We had to fix some things from the previous version. Not many, but it’s been so long that we needed a big version leap. Of course we had to change some aesthetic issues to justify this jump.

Version 6.1: Actually I’m leaving the company and I’m the last one left in the lab, and the only one still working on this product. I added some demos and help messages. They talk about ‘obsolete’ and I do not know what … but they push to keep us from overcoming the competition. They intend to continue squeezing this product in order to get some more … but I already have nightmares about the program, I have eye irritation and my hands tremble … so I’m leaving !!

Win a Nintendo DS

Today I was looking for photos to participate in retame, when I realized the amount of them that I have stored that I did not even know they were there.

The truth is that I’ve been collecting photos since I was 10 years old so I’ve finished with almost half a computer occupied xD

At home I have a portable hard drive, not that I do not trust him, but I like it more than people (especially for those who also come in them) can have them so little by little I will be hanging them in my flickr account .

For those who do not know what is going to challenge me, it is a contest where you participate by sending pictures to the different challenges, and the winner takes a Nintendo DS, just start now, so you know if you want to participate .. or at least Vote me xD.

Plugin para WordPress

Looking online I found a very “curious” plugin is Blogroll Page Plugin and with this plugin, you can publish the blogroll on a page instead of doing it in your sidebar, from the author’s page give two reasons to use this plugin , in my opinion the most convincing is that you save space in the sidebar.

To install it is very easy

  1. Download the plugin – Blogroll Page Plugin
  2. Unzip them and upload them to your plugins folder.
  3. You create a new post or page and enter the following sentence:

It seems that this year is the first time since 2002 in which the traffic of the so-called p2p networks is exceeded.

Despite what many may think, P2P services are losing prominence on the Internet. At least, that is what a new study developed by the company Ellacoya, which shows a great growth in HTTP traffic, compared to connections through file sharing networks. According to this analysis, 46% of all network traffic is generated by traditional pages, while 37% is through systems such as eMule or BitTorrent, among others.

Maybe they have something to do with pages like youtube, lastfm, or that many of them already offer online movies without having to upload them to your computer.

Bluetooth penetration suite

For security experts in Bluetooth devices you will surely want this tool, it is a suite to test different attacks on mobile devices taking advantage of bluetooth vulnerabilities.

Within the range of attacks it offers, we have Bluebug, BlueSnarf, BlueSnarf ++, BlueSmack, as well as an RFCOMM shell, and the possibility of running spoofing of Bluetooth addresses.

Programmed in Perl and C, and with the possibility of execution in GNU Linux 2.4 / 2.6 environments, you only need to depend on the BlueZ, Sox, obexftp, Gnu Readline library and XML :: Simple packages.

Win PSP consoles, ipods and trips to Ibiza

Continuing with the line of promotions that I started the other day with retame, now it’s Orbit’s turn, in its page, the mix proposes a simple way to participate where if you’re lucky you can take it from PSP consoles, nano ipods to trips for three people to Ibiza.

And as in all competitions, the more friends you advise, the more chances you will have to win.

Good luck and to participate!

My first experience with Tuenti

For some time now they sent me an invitation to participate in this social network ¿Universitaria? that has spread like a plague at least because of “my zone”.

At first I have to admit that I was a little reluctant, I did not have tuenti-friends and nobody wrote to me 🙁 but over time I discovered the real purpose of the “networks of friends”.

More than that name I would define them as “networks to catch” because 80% of people enter for that, another 10% to play dumb and insult and the rest to look for friends … but for future rubbing.

A sodom and gomorrah on the internet? Well, yes, as it was the profiles of msn before they blocked strangers or the thousands and thousands of pages of contacts that exist in the network, some will call me a liar, others will insult me ​​… and there is many people hooked to this phenomenon, but to the evidence I refer, try to create an account and put a picture of a good aunt, you will see the one that you will have to endure xDD that yes, in two days you will have more than 100 friends.

Starting from being a Myspace and smaller with fewer options, the programming of the site is quite successful (it is still in beta) are missing some aspects to be polished but with the sure time that they will be doing it, I had read that some “big” had bet on tuenti, even Bernardo, and this guy where he puts his eye …

What most tires me is having to give continuously to start to see if I have new comments or actions, I think if they update it with ajax (like email in gmail) my finger would appreciate it and what I still do not understand is if I 20 friends do not give a coarse .. those who have 400?

Of course, a chat for tuenti would be the last straw to end up hooking thousands of people;)

I will continue dropping there from time to time, and by the way if someone does not have an invitation yet and wants to prove it, I still have 5.

Today seeing “I know what you did …” I’ve seen a very curious video of a little character interviewed in street and what is my surprise that visiting yonkis they had it on !!!

The hell of it is that after everything he does, he tells them not to go there because there are very dangerous people


A few days ago he left … I do not know the reasons but now if I’m alone, I do not have any friends in the blogosphere, I had 3 .. and the 3 are gone.

First it was Morao, who is more vague … little lasted the blog, then Kali, who has gone around the world and we can continue from his new blog albertodepaseo and now Hatshepsut.

I knew that I had problems with someone and that although I tried to change blog I found it again, hopefully I opened another one somewhere and that we all do not know …

Just today … they have discovered the mummy of Hatshepsut is not here to celebrate.

Prison Break Final de temporada

My Mother how interesting is the second season of prison break, I’ve been hooked like never before, now I just need to see the episode, 22 “Sona” I’ve booked it with a lot of impatience 😀

One thing I saw in the last chapters (it had already appeared before) was the European Gold Finch page, a kind of bulletin board through which the escapees had conversations.

I was curious and decided to enter thinking it would be a forum where you can create themes and rooms to talk, but .. no, it is really a forum but about the bird “GoldFinch”, for us, the goldfinch of all life; )

I imagined that they would have put that page to put but looking a bit I realized that the domain is in charge of the company FOX (Nebraska – Winnebago – Fox Sports Interactive Media Llc)

For us to realize how everything is premeditated in the series, it turns out that this domain was purchased on July 31, 2006 and its last update was on December 30, 2006 at 02:27:19

I was surprised by how many blogs and forums there are about Prison break, as each chapter is commented and maneuvers made by the protagonists …

If the great escape … what will happen in the third season? Here you have an advance

Extensions for web development in firefox

More and more we use firefox, but not many who value the power of plugins, lately I’ve been collecting plugins for web development and I was going to make a news about it although in Javielinux’s blog I was overtaken 😛 So I put your list directly, which would only add the DOM inspector and HTML validator.

  • WebDeveloper: the best known extension for the development of web pages. I only have words of thanks for Chris Pederick
  • Firebug: not so well known. Basic for daily work. A “Bug Console” greatly improved.
  • Console2: improve Firefox’s “Error Console”
  • Selenium: with this extension you can record macros with different actions to simply execute it later. Interesting when you are doing development tests and you have to do tedious actions over and over again.
  • MeasureIt: measure what you want with the rule that this extension brings
  • ColorZilla: discover the colors of your website with a “dropper”
  • User Agent Switcher: as not everyone has learned that the pages must be made for all browsers, with this extension you can “dress up your browser” of IE for example
  • Link Evaluator: find out if you have links on the page that do not work.
  • XPather: evaluate XPath expressions on your pages

Blowfish Advanced CS 2.57 – Encrypt files.

With Blowfish Advanced CS 2.57 you can encrypt your most confidential data with total security, keeping them in your computer far from the reach of other people’s hands.

The program uses various encryption algorithms (Blowfish, Twofish, AES, RC4, Triple-DES, Serpent, CAST) and is capable of encoding complete directories and files in a few seconds.

It also has an intuitive interface that is integrated with the Windows Explorer through the contextual menu of the files.