Cattle! Amazon think cell phone maybe don’t need a key

different, this time for various media exposure amazon’s 3 d smartphone news, the electricity giant did not stand up and “face”. Who claim to be the first exposure of the Kindle Fire HDX media BGR, this again because amazon smartphone one-horned news and bask in the presence. It’s not, yesterday the amazon’s upcoming smartphone. Let we are very interested in things, it is said that the phone can not touch any button, do some basic operations in the application.

about the “has four motion capture camera” amazon smartphone 3 d display effect, after hunting cloud network editor jun reports, today only for your reader to illustrate this phone about amazon “magic” “gesture operation function.

in fact, the so-called “no button” refers to the amazon this kind of mobile phone with built-in action tracking sensor, can “predict” the user’s behavior. , of course, this feature is still in its early stage, the main function is through the user left and right, up and down “tilt” mobile phones, to display more information and complete the more applications.

not only such, BGR also pointed out that the some embedded in the amazon smartphone applications, has been removed the regular menu button. The aim is to let users through gestures, more convenient to view the information.


in the built-in email and Hitachi applications, users can tilt amazon mobile phone, after showing all sorts of small label hidden content;

users using built-in mapping applications for restaurants, stores, such as search, by tilting the phone, to bring up the Yelp review information;

when users in the use of the Kindle application reading, leaning to one side mobile phones, devices can present relevant supplementary information about the material.

in built-in messaging applications, users can tilt the phone, makes it easy to insert images;

use the built-in weather application, tilt the phone to get more information forecast;

wandering the web using the built-in browser, can be tilted up and down phone, automatically turn pages.

amazon’s mobile phone “tilt” gesture operation looks very good, but hunt cloud network editor you think this function to the development of three problems:

first, after the habit of using in user will raise the cost of amazon the function of learning?

second, simply “tilt” gesture operations will not cause too much, the applications of user behavior start?

third, how to make amazon (main) third party application support tilt gesture?

in addition to gesture, the report also pointed out that the amazon this phone also has a “graphic recognition conversion” function, can help users to shoot down a chart or text, into the electronic file format.

of course, no matter what, always with “affordable” amazon hardware device is worth we are looking forward to!