CEO: “dry” star almirah entrepreneurship for seven hole in the road

is an idea is wrong? Or partner has a problem? How to access to investment and so on? These are the actual problems, every entrepreneur

last week 6, star almirah, founder and CEO ching-hua Lin’s hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses (is close to 40 degrees high temperature outdoor, indoor three air conditioners is wide open, is also a hot summer came from imperial city each big company more than 60 people no one left), ching-hua Lin had not “fail” everyone’s expectations, to share the feeling of the enterprise in the past two years, dry goods.

1, false demand

ching-hua Lin mentioned, would like to venture the first step is to have a business idea, the idea must be solved a problem and a demand, rather than assume false demand. With audience members ask, why do you say men more than women understand woman, ching-hua Lin explained the pseudo demand said, “the woman to do this thing, may be fall into their own world view, she will assume that your needs everyone’s needs, but the real situation, is often the only her own assumptions, fantasy or special niche requirements.”

ching-hua Lin telling founders and startup before to rational thinking, their starting point is really solve the actual demand, if the road to go wrong at the beginning, no amount of effort is useless.

2, no card prospective direction

“is just sitting on the tuyere, pigs can also blow you up. Lei jun widely circulated of theory, that is to say the direction of the problem. When we started to do stars wardrobe, to tell the truth, no mobile development ability. Team it is suggested that is to do the PC station at the beginning, but I finally decided to even there is no ability to develop the APP, hard on the APP. It now appears that this decision is right and strategic step. Suppose we had the direction or on the PC, will miss the golden period of the outbreak of mobile terminal, and the time window, I think only 6 months, but missed, will never be able to come back.

if screening is true demand or false demand it is strategic thinking, then find direction is tactical actions.

three, no hold on

“and star wardrobe at the same time a startup company has a lot of, now many have disappeared. Among them, I know several entrepreneurs, inconvenient public comments on the somebody else here, but I can, for example, a product, is because there is no hold on the closure. Their products are often change, big change big five days three days. Although our products have been optimized, the kernel confirmed later, we have never changed. Cannot hold may be the cause of this or that aspect of temptation, but who will run into temptation. Insist on need a clear cognition, a pole tong exactly self-confidence.

4, not fast enough

when we get the financing, wants to continue to vigorously promote, expect more users. At that time, a friend warned that if heavily into the strategy of aggressive, want so many users will create enormous pressure to operations. Friend reminder of the reality, but we still insist on a point of view, only to get more users quickly, to fight, gain a competitive advantage. As for, not to make money, that is the follow-up of things, you do good, will reflect natural value. On the Internet, fast access to the user, to establish competition threshold, is very important.

5, financing ability is not good enough

“how to get investment, just a hunting cloud network audience also asked me. This says to the financing ability. We want to peer to see through the eyes of investors, investors need to understand how entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs also need to understand the investors. Do their homework, grasp the clear to investor psychology, both sides communication efficiency is wasted effort, financing is very good. Financing before, of course, you’d better have a certain user, it is good for you to talk to VC. Good products, natural not sorrow financing.”

6, founding team combination is bad

“I think the most reasonable founding team combination is three people. Two people to fight, four men stake too scattered, three people at the right moment. The combination of the team is best able to complement each other, everyone is responsible for their own things. Before the team had better look for familiar people, so early in the time of communication is reduced.”

7, not enough practical

“we everyone have their own business ideas, said there was no idea is impossible, but are down-to-earth, practical is the most important. You said you do a product to beat BAT, estimates that half the people will laugh at you. I think beat which is not important, a leader in a grand goal is not a bad thing, but must first have a clear cognition about themselves, and then split the goal, to implement to perform the most important.”