Challenge the Kindle save Barnes, samsung push reading Nook tablet Galaxy Tab 4

samsung has announced that it will with the world famous retail bookstore chain (Barnes & amp; Noble) launched a main function of reading Nook tablet – the Tab 4. Analysts pointed out that the cooperation to benefit both sides. Especially promising save Barnes has been on the brink of death Nook e-reader and tablet business.

with the advantages of the lower prices, amazon has deeply hurt once book sales, Barnes. Especially after amazon launched the Kindle series products, the entity bookseller Barnes is particularly paranoid. Implementation indeed, despite the Barnes &noble launched against the Kindle and Kindle Fire of e-readers and tablet, but didn’t turn around.

as a victim of compete with amazon, apple, Barnes electronic reading devices is not bad, but not with their original core business of book retailing form a good interaction. Sustained losses for investors was fidgety. After it emerged that Barnes is considering the Nook department whole sale to Microsoft.

however, today, the news seems to be let us see the hope. Barnes joint samsung prominent reading tablet, you can bring it at least two advantages: first, ease the pressure on the production hardware, reduce costs; Second, use a samsung strong brand and marketing ability, change the situation of “failed to sell their products. This strategy, often reminds us of the marriage of the blackberry and foxconn.

on the other hand, for samsung, which carry Barnes tablet, customized application can expand its product line, and attract Barnes loyal users.

until now we knew little about the details of the device: 7 inches, 1280 x 1280 screen, with a custom version of Android 4.4 system, 276 g weight, the price should be and the Tab 4 ($199) convergence. And has a higher configuration of the Kindle Fire HDX compared with $(229/379), the device is more cheaper.