Challenges go, Google will provide domain name registration services!

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Google has quietly launched a beta domain name registration service. Analytic personage points out, “” (Google Domains) will be relying on the experience of simple, cheap price, stable service, for the world’s largest domain name service provider go public, planted a certain degree of concern.

Google domain name is currently only provide domain name registration services, it will not help registered users set up web sites, providing services such as virtual host.

however, Google still thinks he has a certain advantage in the field of domain name registration. First of all, its price is cheaper, does not charge any additional service fees (such as hidden customer address and name); Second, the process is more simplified operation, the user can create as many as 100 mail under the main domain alias; Again, due to provide users with the same DNS and other Google sites, so Google domain name will be more stable.

go, submit an application for IPO in January this year, plans to raise $100 million. To be fair, go for a long period of time will still be dominating the dominance of domain name registration services. However, for users, diversification of competitive market, far better than an oligopoly.