Cheetah mobile listed bring enlightenment

article/gossip by Fenng (WeChat ID: webnotes)

cheetah move (the former golden hill network) on May 8, is this evening, will officially listed on the nyse, CMCM code. To be honest, I was surprised when I heard the news, in my impression the cheetah in domestic main cheetah browser, using rob tickets before and after the Spring Festival as a publicity stunt, is very eye-catching. As an entrepreneur, I have some doubt whether there really is such propaganda effect, it seems, is I was wrong. , however, may be more wrong, re-enacting a cheetah, quietly in the overseas layout, this is the real clever move.

it should be said that this is not a good time to market, will share in this period of time is forgiving. However, against the wind, or must have a “brush” – you see somebody else that icon… Cheetah the offering, the biggest selling point is the Clean Master (cheetah Master cleaning), in the overseas market is very attractive. According to cheetah mobile prospectus disclosure of the application as of March 31, 2014 installed capacity of 237.3 million, $139.9 million monthly active users, according to the data of App Annie, calculated according to the monthly downloads in March 2014, it is the world’s largest tools used in Google Play, tool list of more than 50 countries around the world No. 1. Because of its good market share, but also to its several other apps have very good exposure and stimulating effect, Facebook’s marketing campaign can see some clues.

that seems to be Fu Cheng mentioned on many occasions the concrete practice of the “single point of breakthrough”, the so-called “will find their own on a single point of breakthrough point, on a single point on the edge of the find their foothold, investment, in the form of others can’t be put into it is possible to find different opportunities.” This, I’d like to has reference value for many entrepreneurs. Find breakthroughs must be positive rather than competition, then the product perfectly irreplaceable, conquers the highest position in a short term is difficult to be transcended, and drive the other products matrix, forming resultant force.

the cheetah self-confidence is not rely on local user company, it could make sense, after all, more than half are overseas users, there are a lot of monetization potential (a potential, of course, also have difficulty and challenge), the user and the Chinese user ARPU value, obviously not. Cheetah is currently overseas users monetization seems to have no detailed action, but should be fast, according to the prospectus disclosed the cheetah mobile has a proprietary cloud data analysis engine. The data analysis engine based on online shopping, games, and frequently used applications, etc., to help create user interest graph, thus promoting business partner specific content distribution. I said before, in fact, many Internet companies in China if to compete with American Internet company, competitive advantage is obvious, really to fight a battle, is likely to be in some areas will play rear rivals.

from data, cheetah in fact is the world’s largest mobile tool developers, a few app on Google Play has almost has a dominant position. Whether the rule will be long-term, is still unknown. As far as I know, some other domestic players have begun to overseas layout, the next will be more competitive.

cheetah see themselves as “global mobile tool first wave”, this is a very good location, believe investors will buy this concept.