Chen first open for five years: grand the great ship turned to investment

the author: xing-liang liu

“after five years as media” shanda network founder and chairman of Chen “open” for the first time, recently received xing-liang liu and mainstream media interviews in Shanghai. In recent five years, some Internet enterprise activity, thunder, very scenery, and great looks like not so scenery. When everyone else is scenery, Chen is still proud of something? He laughed philosophy that “ these five years I biggest action is to resist, this is my biggest pride.

“my life as I design, gradually retreat from the front”

Chen said, in fact, the so-called limelight, so-called came to power, and to step down, but it is not someone let you came to power, is your heart make you up. “ if you want to say, I am the trouble I have had trouble, so the average person according to his idea, put me in a position seems to Chen always so go on is right. frankly, they find it difficult to understand my state of mind. 09 years we have had two $3 billion of the company, then a lot of the so-called giant wasn’t up to now. But last year, I will not accept any reporter the interview, so I also have sinned against a lot of people. 09 years ago two years is my most painful time, because of the numerous journalists to interview you, countless bonuses, awards to issue you, countless awards to you to attend, a myriad of speech to you. but I am proud of is that I resisted this, my life in my design, gradually retreat from the front.”

once set on Chen’s “landscape”, still clear in people’s memory. Early 30 s have been worth 10 billion, by starting from scratch to become the country’s richest man, CCTV’s youngest-ever “annual economic figures”. Think now, 41, Chen tianqiao, see that has experienced the baptism of the time.

Chen thinks, the key is, how can we correct view of oneself and the right to tell myself I am not omnipotent, correct give place to the next show the strength of the people, the right to tell oneself a person can’t be having a lifetime thunder, right from the limelight strength to thunder don’t trouble yourself. “I think this is my most proud of matter. You said if I now also, I am a business is the best, that I might as well do it. I feel it is not easy, is I look at someone put me under a company to do bad, I still don’t have to jump in to do the CEO.”

“I have proved that I can be king, I should go to do things to help others”

said Chen tianqiao, 09 game, then big paper has more than 20 dollars in cash and $3 billion, and two more companies, game revenues ahead of other companies. Is in the face of each successive industry make to such as games, literature, endless repetition, or put himself into an investment holding company of choice, the final decision should be converted to an investment holding company with Internet innovation as the core. “Because I have proved that I can be king, I should go to help people to do things, to do the kingmaker. We can do a product is excellent, a business is very good, but the characteristics of the cultural industry belongs to the creative, but creative will never be the same person, he is found in all the crowds, so I am 08 has already started to train of thought transformation, the helper who wants to become a hero, supporters and builder. We itself, don’t want to also can never be a hero, no one can always be a hero in the world, so good, even Bill Gates of Microsoft in the case of the Internet, mobile Internet is not only shade?”

do actions “resist” the grand, actually activity, solid such as comments from the outside “low-key and arrogance”. , according to incomplete statistics, shanda has invested more than 100 projects in the field of Internet and culture, there are now King, including mobile Internet in various fields such as che, have need, outbreak of cartoon, micro anyp, ink, weather, android market, wifi master key, etc. More by King capital operation become industry leaders, including integrated winger, holdfast, high-quality assets and team, such as three kingdoms was 3.2 billion a-share listed companies in zhejiang newspaper media pocket; Including integration qidian, banyan tree, novel reading web sites such as to build the Chinese network literature “monolith” enterprise group, and through the downstream of book publishing, film and television copyright industry chain, making shanda literature attention focus in the capital markets and falling.

at the same time, adhere to the “resist do actions” Chen tianqiao, also ushered in the new “suddenly turn hostile” shanda group. Shanda group in 2012 to complete the whole relist after privatization through asset reorganization and clean, with nearly 60 billion of assets, and not a penny of liabilities, cash in hand size high on the Internet industry in the first three. “After delisting, and other Internet companies, we have these 100% cash, now we can focus on more areas, help more people.” Mr Chen said.