China mobile game executives behind shock: refers to the improper related trade

sina science and technology What li ran

a appointment and removal of internal HR email again will push China mobile game of the company to the forefront.

yesterday, the Chinese tour group internal announcement, hand was relieved from the company’s issued nine lines of business executives, including the Chinese tour group President hand should book ridge, group also withdrew distribution business line originally independent personnel, finance and procurement.

just six months ago, China’s hand swim distribution business has also been touted as the first, what is the reason for the company to oneself once under the advantage of this determination? This half a year in China hand swim what’s going on? With so many questions, sina science and technology in yesterday afternoon trying to enter the China hand swim into the office of the distribution business.

“calm” office

China mobile game Beijing office door

Beijing chaoyang district hongyuan jiuxianqiao road building three layer is the seat of the China tour Beijing issued hand base, China tour its distribution business core staff hand basic office here. From last October until yesterday, here have independent human resources administration department, the enterprise IT department, financial department, purchasing department and the internal audit department, restraint from group corresponding department. Issuing company executives expressed, with another hand hand swim in distribution business as independent kingdom of free outside the system of the whole group.

with the outside world to the personnel changes, compared to discuss the degree of the hand travel Beijing appear unusually quiet in the office. According to the internal staff he for this adjustment, staff is already smell the smell of some changes, just didn’t expect to so fast. A week before, should be also on behalf of the Chinese book ridge hand swim to the United States attended the E3 game show. Another wei employees revealed on Friday should book ridge also confirmed to attend ChinaJoy held in Shanghai in July this year.

China mobile game Beijing office entrance guard system strictly To conceal identity has not in the office pictures it is perhaps for this reason, the large-scale adjustment of executives of office, did not show any strange, more and more people focus on the screen in front of your face. But in the staff rest area, sina science and technology or from the mouth of the three employees learned that some of their views of this “event” inside the company, after finishing were talked about the following information:

1. Should be relieved or book ridge and others involved in the company’s internal resources and other improper trading company, which is mobile game resources as a bargaining chip in a stake in other companies, including when it comes to a company is before 91 wireless vice President Tony ho created by interaction between the host;

should book ridge appeared in the establishment of the astronomical interactive ceremony

2. Half a year’s time, in the hand signed a lot of products, in addition to the two can also, other products sold are not ideal, from the point of this half year issued by product, far enough to recover costs;

3. Many water last year, thousands of products that this platform can help decrease the cost of signing, but in fact still raise the agent costs, this year there have any improper trading is hard to say, perhaps because money transactions and reduce the demand for products.

3 points are from the information above its employees oral, unproven. China mobile game official said of the above information to comment, but the official that China mobile game to interact with astronomical without any form of cooperation.

once the bole

should book ridge’s career has been the wind, he was a total of three sections of work experience, the first in college who do English training teacher, he said at that time (2000) in 10000 yuan monthly income. After graduation he entered the standard chartered bank Shanghai branch in the financial industry.

then he entered as China mobile game team outstanding game released its President. While in office, the head of the excellent game agent and release many tour products and achieved remarkable results, hand China tour of hand stock last year from $3, 4, all the way up to $30. Last October, should therefore promoted to vice President Chinese tour group hand book ridge distribution business, who is in charge of the entire group status after CEO XiaoJian, at the same time also obtain independent financial staffing.

a year ago should book ridge or mobile game product bole, he in product selection, distribution, operation and marketing experience to help in the issue of mobile game business to a new height. But in 2014, Chinese tour products issued by hand, not again like last year monster island enhanced the reflection power of such magnitude “products.

a surname as employee, said maybe due to improper trading let he loosened the requirements for products. Another game industry personnel told sina science and technology, whether in the swim, swim pages, is now the hand of the era, in the process of agent products, improper similar transactions will appear, this phenomenon is mainly concentrated in the big company, there is no lack of among them in the game of overseas listed companies.

according to the results, according to China’s hand to swim in the first quarter net profit of RMB 34.7 million ($5.6 million), compared with last year in the fourth quarter of 35.3 million yuan slightly down.

flat after

with the personnel changes, China mobile game group of distribution line to the architecture of large-scale adjustment. Will be issued before scattered in the organizational structure of complex support center, cancellation issued support center, such as finance, human resources, purchasing department and to the group management.

at the same time the game business, regardless of the issue at home and abroad, or products, operations, various lines of business executives will directly report to CEO XiaoJian. The game further flattening management and distribution business. The personage inside course of study says, as the hand travel market gradually mature, Chinese tour group need more centralized management as a whole hand all its resources, avoid the waste of resources and conflict.

this is six months, China mobile game of the second structure adjustment. In January, China mobile game announced that all its branches will be independent from the past into by the group as a whole of the flattening management, personnel management at the same time also made the corresponding adjustment on the architecture. , involving the distribution of each branch are reporting to should book ridge, in addition to the distribution business, various lines of business to be responsible for the per capita report directly to CEO XiaoJian.

XiaoJian said at the time, the adjustment and the “fishing” event “. After the “fishing” event “, the disadvantages of branch of independent management has been highlighted. After the adjustment, the vice President of mobile game, mobile game in its bean MeiXiaoLong play President, vice President in charge of the r&d center of Ye Yongning, has resigned.

as of the time, should book ridge and XiaoJian phone has not been connected, the official attitude towards the personnel change event to open two personnel mail shall prevail. This paper involves the study of the mobile game employees adopt a pseudonym.

company profile :

China tour is a mobile game developers and distributors hand, focus on mobile game development and distribution, in September 25, 2012, land on the nasdaq.