China’s Internet is fully to take over the Chinese economy?

how to say “China’s Internet completely take over the Chinese economy is”? Only the Internet industry in China, truly the marketization of almost pure competition, is the most fair competition in the industry. If a product better than rival products 10%, so it will be into 1000 times in the network to enlarge, the index of growth much more quickly than offline linear growth.

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traditional enterprise how to adapt to the Internet age, this is a big topic, but it is worth study and discussion, this essay talk about only sporadic thinking, not a system, and replace the topic.

firstly, traditional industry to the impact of the Internet should keep enough attention and vigilance, because is the height of the enterprise survival.

Gao Gongbing alibaba vice President talked about, there are two kinds of material properties in the world, two scenarios, two Angle of view, economic view, that is atoms and bits. Traditional enterprise is the world of the atom, Internet companies are bits of the world, two completely different world.

“I kill you, but has nothing to do with you”, as the “three body” depicted in science fiction, the Internet industry and traditional industry of the war, was a “war of two-dimensional space and three-dimensional space”, the traditional industry or business if not fast cannibalism, then may not know how to die.

this kind of competition, not from your experience, but from the judgment of the trend in the future. Internet industry now look every technological innovation of small and small, may affect the future pattern of industry, is the so-called “a single spark can start a prairie fire”, don’t be contempt.

second, the Internet industry, is a kind of conform to the trend of market competition, the Internet is the index of resources, index of competition.

founder sohu zhang, in a speech about China’s Internet is full over the Chinese economy. Only the Internet industry in China, truly the marketization of almost pure competition, is the most fair competition in the industry. If a product better than rival products 10%, so it will be into 1000 times in the network to enlarge, the index of growth much more quickly than offline linear growth. So easy to produce the best Internet industry organization, has better ability of organization, innovation ability, management ability, marketing ability.

third, traditional enterprises in the process of transition, should fully realize the transformation of the tough, almost unrecognizable, it is not learn to think several so-called Internet can take effect immediately, but into the system reform and construction.

enterprise production management process and the traditional Internet disparity in the production management process, the traditional production management process: planning, organizing, leading, controlling, its characteristic is: the first group, after the task; Process management; Precise control.=the Internet product management process: the target, discovery, entrust, management. Its characteristic is: first task, then groups; Goal setting; Resource matching. , vice President of alibaba Gao Gongbing also talked about Internet products company toward zero inventory, inventory is the biggest culprit of eat traditional industry profit.

rongchang group, traditional laundry firm, launched for the Internet age “e bags of washing products, behind it is the thought transformation, the transition of the talent (from baidu hired young CEO) in 87, the change of marketing mode (MM events combined with network hot issues, such as milk tea, promote their products, and to the Internet company to).

the more traditional industry, the application of the Internet, the more difficult, click a taxi founder aoj described as the “ice-breaking”. Di di taxi startup has huge offline promotion team, initial stage is often the taxi driver was a liar, there is no other way, only is the sincerely for genuine, with patience, in confidence, one point one points off market.

fourthly, Internet companies, the essence of which is a learning organization practice. Learning is the age of the Internet and fast action, the core ability.

learn to observe and judge the trend of industry and technology, to stress the significance of new things or new technology. The emergence of the qr code, for example, its significance is the combination of sperm and egg, it will be a virtual world and real world in an instant, is very important entrance to the mobile Internet era. There is also a map (location), is also very important things, it is the most convenient entrance all mobile Internet portal.

China founder li-fen wang said, her own in twenty years’ time, once missed the portal, video, electronic commerce, and other areas of the Internet big good opportunity, but not to the mobile Internet. Changes such as the mobile Internet industry and the opportunity of the world, is a lifetime. It became strong enough, as the typhoon, but the window of opportunity will not be too long, maybe one or two years, maybe even shorter, so you have to take the opportunity to learn and act quickly.

five, the Internet is a new industry of the unknown, even to constantly go to trial and error, can’t use the concept of input and output to weigh the pros and cons in traditional industry.

Internet enterprise itself is the process of trial and error, to allow the space and cost of trial and error. In traditional enterprises, in order not to affect the foundation, can be divided into a dc first, to build a innovative team, establish a new mode of operation, transformation experiment was carried out, after the mature experience to copy from the local to the overall promotion quickly.

for trial and error, and sometimes not only cannot punish, but to encourage. Through various forms, the wisdom of encouraging innovation space within the company. Xu Jiye baidu brand communication department director introduces, baidu held every year in the company internal creativity dark horse competition, any technical staff and team can sign up for, entry personnel in the company set up tent, eat live there a few days and nights, fully devoted to creative innovation. Baidu’s outstanding team of creative competition emerges, reward is also very let a person heart – $2 million.

innovation is a kind of atmosphere, let employees voluntarily support and action from the deep heart’s core, Xu Jiye introduction, baidu has a person, their pay more than 60000 dollars to buy a different phone, only to go to experience the function of a product. The hair on the innovation of the inner desire, decided the future of the enterprise.

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