Chinese experts Wu En amounted to join baidu artificial intelligence

not long ago, the founder of the online education platform Coursera Andrew Ng (Wu En da) GMIC Beijing visited China during assembly, and to introduce Chinese partners of the company’s new CEO, once held the position of headmaster 21 years at Yale university, Richard c. Levin. So, Andrew from Coursera founded up by his own hands and fade out, his next stop is where?

tencent technology is the first message, says Andrew Ng or silicon valley in the United States will join baidu cooper cupertino deep learning institute (IDL), leadership brain “baidu”, “deep learning” and other research direction. And PingWest has approved sources confirmed that the credibility of the rumor.

actually, Andrew started Coursera, it is because he is a very popular machine learning courses at Stanford university, that is his old job: machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robots, he wants to let more students can hear this course, to set up this online education platform. Now it seems, will return to his own best field – Andrew Deep Learning (Deep Learning).

in the field of this branch of artificial intelligence, Andrew Ng has quite a lot of contribution. He had the research team at Stanford, by simulating large neuron network, data and the marking data for training, improve the ability of machine learning. Last year, Andrew Ng student Adam Coates, led by a Stanford team, published results on CML, through the use of relatively inexpensive method of GPU, back propagation training, they built the world’s largest deep learning system, containing 10 billion can be a unit of “brain” machine.

and Andrew Ng is known, or is he working with Google, PingWest in the Wu En: Google artificial brain behind the man “in his the experience made a detailed report. Between January 2011 and June 2012, Andrew Ng in Google and led the deep learning project “virtual” brain. One of the most famous research, that is the “cat experiment” – a week by artificial neural network to “see” YouTube video, the system is independent cat learned to identify and related video. The technology is converted to tens of thousands of Google products, such as speech recognition, street view recognition, etc., for artificial intelligence research results to business opened the situation. The use of a typical example is on the Google driverless cars, it can help the driverless cars identify front the animals or children, so as to escape in time. At the same time, at present, most of the robot study schools use software system of ROS is also made by Andrew’s team.

look, baidu has on the depth of the study in the field of Daniel has long coveted. Founded in early 2013, baidu deep learning laboratory, chairman and CEO robin li himself as the dean. Artificial intelligence lab in silicon valley, located in the library of technology intensive, less than 10 kilometers from Google. Senior scientist has successively to former Facebook xu, heterogeneous computing, GPU, mass resolution experts Wu Ren, “one thousand plan” national distinguished experts to, such as yu and global talent recruitment at showering. And, according to a news PingWest they previously and Google to pioneering the field of deep learning Geoffrey Hinton’s race.

baidu has launched a “rumbled plan”, in the recruitment of statement, clearly marked for global recruiting nine artificial intelligence under the age of 30 elite, can go to MIT or Stanford university as a visiting scholar communication, and to provide annual salary above RMB 1 million. In IDL website introduction, “in baidu, including deep learning have been successfully used in image recognition, speech recognition and AD clicks forecast, multiple products, and greatly improved the accuracy of these products. IDL a main task is to develop a flexible and efficient system of large-scale deep learning, with product team to apply the different products.”

this with Andrew Ng in Google’s doing things. And in fact, in 2013, Andrew Ng visited China, first went to baidu. Then a baidu executives told the press, Andrew will help baidu lab in silicon valley hiring.

li once said, “baidu brain” plan is seen as the company the next 5-10 years, one of the decisive strategic plan for baidu’s future products and provide solid foundation for business innovation. With Andrew Ng power, li hope baidu IDL become like AT& T – Belllabs (bell LABS), Xerox PARC (Xerox PARC) such vision seems to be more clear some of the top research institutions. At the very least, Andrew Ng for talent recruitment, have enough attraction.

source: author: Jenkin Xia