Chip is globalization division of labor industry worry that Europe and the United States invasion is not appropriate

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recently, there are media reports said the Chinese imports from Europe and the United States and other countries each year more than $2000 worth of chips, imports more than oil and commodity, the serious influence the development of China’s information industry, has brought infrastructure and defense security hidden danger, calls for the government in policies and laws on domestic chip and software support. This view has been a strong market in China, but in Europe and the chip threat to China’s security is exaggerated, worried that Europe and the United States chip invasion is alarmist.

China chip market dominated by Europe and the United States? China imported chips are the main source of three Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia, total of 63% of the total value of the imported chip

there are media reports said chip market was monopolized by the European and us companies in China, there is a huge information security hidden danger. But according to Chinese customs statistics, in 2013 China’s three main chip source of imports (accounted for 63% of the value of the imported chip) are all Asian economies: imported from Taiwan chip, worth $72.2 billion, accounting for 31%; Chip imported from South Korea and Malaysia were $47.6 billion and $29 billion, 20% and 12% respectively. Other source of imports, respectively, for the United States, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, etc.

China imported chips used in where? Imported chip is used for processing and re-export, mobile phones, for example, in 2013 China manufacturing assembly of mobile phone shipments for 1.46 billion, occupying 81.1% of the global handset shipments

tablets, computer from my phone to PC, laptop, within the territory of China enterprise manufacturing assembly most electronic devices around the world. In mobile phones, for example, according to the ministry, in 2013 China manufacturing assembly of mobile phone shipments to 1.46 billion units, occupying 81.1% of the global handset shipments, including mobile phone exports accounted for 81.5% of total shipments (1.19 billion) in China.

these manufacturing assembly of electronic equipment in China is a large chip consumption. Therefore, it can be said that China’s large consumption of chips is largely caused by multinational companies in China electronic assembly equipment, China’s domestic enterprises integrated circuit consumption is not high, if a large number of assembly plant from China to other economies, China’s imports will naturally reduce chip. For foxconn assembly of the iPhone, apple suppliers procurement from abroad for the iPhone chip and shipped to foxconn, these chips after being installed into the iPhone will be sold to all over the world, only a small number of sales in the Chinese market.

chip imports into economic burden? Chip imports to help China’s balance of trade surplus, reduce the pressure of the foreign exchange reserves, China has benefited a lot from chip processing export

in the first place, the chip import a lot of help China partly balanced by China’s growing trade surplus. Second, China’s huge foreign exchange reserves has become China’s economic burden, chip need to import a large number of foreign exchange reserves, is helpful to reduce the burden of China’s foreign exchange reserves. Data from the central bank show that by the end of 2014 at the end of the first quarter, China’s foreign exchange reserves reached $3.95 trillion, about a third of the total foreign exchange reserves around the world, was $2.85 trillion higher than the world’s second of the Japanese. Amount of foreign exchange reserves to the Chinese economy has brought many problems, such as inflation and imported chip high-tech products, such as a certain extent, ease the pressure of foreign exchange reserves. In addition, if the government tries to control chip imports, is bound to cause a chain reaction: domestic chip prices, higher costs eventually fled electronic products manufacturing enterprises, the unemployment rate to rise. So, China has also benefited a lot from chip processing exports.

foreign firms control chip in China market? No one country can achieve all the chip industry, semiconductor industry output value is only a 9.26% north American region, China wants to realize all the chips localization neither economic nor completely unrealistic

chip industry is a detailed division of labor, the extremely high global industry: semiconductor materials mainly used in the chip from Japan; Most of the chip manufacturing equipment from the United States, the Netherlands; Ipr (Intellectual Property) nuclear market share by Britain, the United States and Taiwan enterprises; Chip packaging test in mainland China; Taiwanese companies are in a dominant position in the chip manufacturing, including TSMC in global market accounted for nearly 50% of the market.

from the regional distribution of the semiconductor industry, also have no a region can dominate: according to 2011 data, the output value of the highest in North America, semiconductor production accounted for 9.26% of global output, only 0.74% higher than in second place in Taiwan. All in all, including the United States no one country can be individually control chip industry all link, China wants to get rid of the localization of the global division of labor to realize all the chips do not seem to be economic, is also unlikely to achieve.

imported industrial control system infrastructure may be at risk? Import system is not necessarily more dangerous than domestic system: in import the loopholes in the industrial control system, is also likely to be in the domestic system

at present, specifically for the industrial control system is widely used in infrastructure (Programmable logic controller) of the virus, is a third party using system vulnerabilities to spread and destruction. Such as Iran’s nuclear facilities to halt caused by virus “shock web” is a third party to use Microsoft’s Windows system and Siemens industrial control systems have not been discovered to the holes. But in the event of an “shock web” virus, Microsoft and Siemens business reputation has been widely, the influence of the two companies is also a victim.

as a result, domestic system can only to a certain extent, reduce the probability of system supplier intentionally left by the back door, in the face of a third party malicious attacks is not necessarily more secure. For third party damage intentions, a system is still in the immature stage of China can use the number of holes may even more than after foreign attack test system.

imported chip could threaten national security? In military chip industry to promote domestic technology right, but in the field of civil and industrial use chips also have strong push “localization” deprivation of consumers the option of

under the premise that the National People’s Congress authorized, push the “localization” in the field of military and government affairs chip’s, the United States, the European Union and other government’s military and government affairs for purchasing foreign electronic products is also very cautious. The government as the main body and product procurement users, of course, have the right to choose their own think suitable products. However, the government should be in the field of civil and industrial chip respect personal and corporate users, rather than the borrowed the name of national security interference consumers to choose.

60 seconds to read the special : China imported chip source mainly Asian countries; China’s large consumption of the chip is deceptive: many import chip is to assemble electronic products export; Chip imports to help China’s balance of trade surplus, reduce the pressure of the foreign exchange reserves; Chip industry division of labor detailed and high degree of globalization, no country can independently accomplish the nuts and bolts of chip manufacturing; Import system is not necessarily more dangerous than domestic system: in import the loopholes in the industrial control system, is also likely to be in the domestic system; On national security grounds in the field of civil and industrial chip are pushing domestic products are deprived of the consumer to choose.