Circles: the media is “blind” bracelet to detonate also depends on the apple

hunting cloud network editor you interviewed in shenzhen a week, during a visit a lot of to do hardware companies, about millet hand rings and bracelets, the body is in the first line of insiders do you have any ideas?

combed the cloud network editor king hunting these views, which is generally believed that although millet bracelet first released the ultra-low prices, but the bracelet market is still in its infancy, the outbreak of the market can also look at apple’s performance. Why do you say that? (truthfully recorded some points, do not represent cloud network official recognition or against hunting)

a, don’t you know that samsung bracelets sold goods

media are blind to write? See some media spray bracelets has said there is no market, I also don’t know your mouth is how much of a market, but there is a fact that can support, bracelet is certainly have the market: samsung’s smart hand ring has been sold out of stock, the media know? The product is very tight. And samsung bracelet price is in 1000 yuan of above, more telling, bracelet there is market. Media this is not a blind man? Can’t see the existing market?

2, hand ring is a consumer goods

now handle ring classified as wearable devices, the right, but from market attributes, the bracelet actually a consumer goods, more precisely, is a consumer electronics. What is the distinguishing feature of consumer goods? Is an important characteristic of consumer goods, need to seed users to drainage of tide. Apple came out, people put as works of art, the middle class, it would not have been so good selling kidney of extreme events. , of course, the man who bought the apple must have recognized the apple mobile phone use, but the pursuit of the just need? Pursuit is calling, please? Is not! A lot of people who buy apple after is “face”, is vanity. I believe that the bracelet, is also one of the market. So, I think the 79 yuan lei jun bracelets clearly does not conform to the primary market. Because of too much off the grid.

three, apple, samsung market

samsung has been cultivating bracelet this market, though samsung very hard, but the bracelet to detonate market, also have to rely on the apple. Not samsung do bad, but apple is too strong. Apple will also continue to its full of expectations of the world’s brand potential energy, apple bracelet out will really like music player, apple mobile phone, apple PAD as drainage trend, thus leading the market. When wearing apple bracelet become a fashion, social public opinion will revisit the apple, the market really able to obtain.

4, small manufacturers still have a chance to

forecast, as well as the smartphone industry, while manufacturers such as apple, samsung, ate a lot of market share, but the bracelet market still have other vendors living space, for example, millet. Detonated bracelet market, is bound to be subdivided each kind of demand, such as according to the appearance, price, function, such as segmentation, these will give the other vendor development space.