City surrounded by the countryside? Huawei into the most international mobile phone brands in China

huawei announced yesterday, said its smartphone shipments in the first half of this year over the same period increased by 62%, mainly because in Latin America and the Middle East and other overseas market strong demand for new smart phone.

in the first half of the performance that huawei has become a global one of the fastest growing companies in the smartphone market. Earlier this month, the market leader of samsung electronics, said the second quarter operating profit decline is due to weak smartphone sales

huawei said on Tuesday the company by the end of June this year a total of six months in the global smartphone market has sold 34.27 million smartphone devices. Ship which, in the second quarter growth is rapid, a total of 20.56 million sets of smart phones (that figure is similar to IDC data).

however, in China’s smartphone market by huawei mobile phone’s biggest market, but showed signs of slow growth, this is due to huawei’s main focus on expanding rapidly emerging in the overseas market. The company said that huawei’s smartphone shipments year-over-year growth in the Middle East and Africa, more than six times in Latin America, shipments rose nearly 4 times the left and right sides. In Europe and the asia-pacific region, excluding China, shipments more than doubled. Compared to other domestic brands overseas sales, huawei has made it a leading position.

in order to make the name huawei get users greater recognition in overseas markets, huawei has been in the international marketing effort, mainly by sponsoring professional football team in Europe, such as Britain’s Arsenal football club and the AC milan of Italy is huawei company sponsored by the football team.

huawei, said the company is trying to sell more high-end smartphones, rather than the cheapest mobile phone sales in the market. In may this year, huawei has launched a new flagship smartphone Ascend P7, this phone has a 5 inch screen and specially designed for collective take camera. Huawei said on Tuesday, so far has sold nearly two million Ascend P7.

in shenzhen huawei company, its main business is sales of telecommunications equipment to telecom operators, is now being challenged samsung and apple smartphone market. According to the analysis, according to IDC, in the first quarter even if huawei is the world’s third largest smartphone maker, but only 5% of its market share lags far behind the two giant smartphone manufacturers samsung and apple. In China, has the world’s largest smartphone market demand, huawei is facing fierce competition is not only the samsung and apple these international manufacturers, and from local handset maker lenovo group and millet company, etc.

earlier this month, huawei business user group director Richard Yu said in an internal memo, his team, the main sales of smart phones in the first half of this year increased by 30%. Were in the Wall Street journal reporter learned in the memo, Yu also mentioned that his team in 2014 years has made more than half of the profit target. Huawei, said its smartphone business must be profitable, but did not give any specific Numbers.

Source: WSJ