Clap become jingdong tencent’s “apple”

the author: Xie Pu

on July 17, new clap officially launched operations, again before June 5 in the slogan of “starting from Beijing, hit it off”, have launched a new pat on net. Perhaps because tencent “strategic abandon” hit the morale, clap nets flow beginning in 2013, has fallen sharply.

traffic increasingly weak, maybe doesn’t mean anything, of course, also does not prevent, new patted the hopeful. From tencent electric business, always to jingdong group, in soldiers after the change, new clap, clap nets also turned into a just, it faces or what old problems: traffic, distribution, fake goods and gray… And so on.

two recent news stories, highlights the new clap may encounter embarrassment.

a news is that on July 9, exxon mobil oil official statement jingdong sell his engine oil is fake, jingdong official response, then confirm the mobil oil is fake, but counterfeits jingdong third party sellers, have severe punishment for it.

other news is that in the near future will open platform of jingdong from mother to child, care category, removed all proprietary instead. From a third party to sell the goods, to the marketing sale, jingdong in maternal and infant, wash protect iron thunderbolt means two categories, the reason is very simple, just two points: 1, two category belong to high gross margin, jingdong is not necessary to put the don’t earn money, the seller to a third party. 2, female infant, wash protect special category, strict security requirements, jingdong proprietary more security, at least from mother to child and the products won’t be as easy as engine oil, jingdong third-party open platform is very difficult to put an end to fake.

two news and the new clap without direct contact, it’s warning: jingdong officials admit that POP in counterfeit products sales, jingdong is open platform with B2B2C, new clap to completely put an end to fake goods? In addition, the sellers of new clap would face, they will these category do big, jingdong will not open, do self, rather than for profit?

this is launched after operation, new clap shout slogans in terms of traffic or hark back to the same old tune: 1, search and jingdong get through, 2, traffic subsidies merchants, and build a more equitable distribution of mechanism.

the first search and jingdong, sounds like a good plan, however, must first face the problem is, pat’s relationship with jingdong mall POP open platform. If two men ride on a tiger, I will pursue ahead of taobao, must focus.

jingdong proprietary, for goods turnover has extremely strong demand, and POP and new clap, but it is the long tail, will flow assigned to pat sellers and POP into businesses, jingdong will under the premise to satisfy his selling goods. This kind of flow distribution, at the end of the day to jingdong eat meat, small sellers to lap up the soup.

2010, jingdong began to try to do your own open platform jingdong POP, POP in jingdong changed in different head, 2013 shall be the responsibility of the new-type computer winter jasmine. Now jingdong group after the break-up, POP is still in the jingdong mall, but independent, and jingdong mall is clap nets is flat level division.

exquisite enterprise strategic resources concentration. Pat was not successful, direct reason is that almost all taobao sellers on taobao, can not get merchant family support, natural into potential. Very real and pressing problem now is that jingdong resources the tilt to the jingdong mall POP or clap nets? For sellers, eggs do not put in a basket is right, but consideration on multiple platforms, there will always be overwhelmed.

jingdong official for the clap nets to war, “put an end to fake goods” and “more equitable distribution of traffic system” two slogans, said the former to consumers, the latter said to in business. Jingdong clap official story is, “especially to help small and medium-sized sellers growth”. Of course, this is the official propaganda.

the so-called “more equitable distribution of traffic system” and “especially to help small and medium-sized sellers growth”, apparently contradictory. There is no fantasy or slogan in economics common sense. The biggest fair is the free market, “how much ass wear underpants”, give how many money, too much traffic. Jingdong clap nature is not a charity, always follow the rules of the price.

in addition to the price law of the free market has to follow the Matthew effect, 2/8 of the law, even the jingdong proprietary electricity 3 c category based on brand, price, etc. Gives a popular and sell well. , so-called “fairer flow distribution”, combining “to help small and medium-sized sellers growth” is just a slogan. In the business world, prick silk counter attack opportunities rare, the world is still Grosvenor LTD handsome. Even taobao, tao brand eventually succumb to uniqlo, jack Jones.

a more flow distribution mechanism of “fair” is not really heaven snuffs fields.

new clap, I think the biggest problem, is the enterprise culture and management proposition, the source of the problem is whether the jingdong and entrepreneurial spirit, IPO, new pat team can get many awards.

on May 30, liu of the IPO return banquet table for ten, hospitality jingdong executives, the main topics for the banquet is a replacement for executives – jingdong executive equity incentive and the original signature is blank, when signing completed, by liu’s assistant telephone notification, verbal commitment. Pre-ipo, jingdong not give executives the planned sale of the shares, listed after, liu need to executives a metasomatism, stabilizing the morale.

however, May 30, the booze, liu spent only half an hour. Some executives are lost, a responsible for the technical executive, wine into the sorrow, thousand knot, blubber.

another news is that the end of 2013, into the jingdong executives, stock lock-up period stretching 7 years. In fact jingdong also aware, IPO after the possible brain drain problem. It is reported that the recent jingdong there will be a part of the executives, jingdong aspects are also arrange cash for executives, just a lot of people and the original expected a big gap, everybody is lack.

recently, liu and ZhangZe day after shopping photos out in France, a jingdong old staff said to me: “the brothers box below, killing himself, alas…” . His heart has defiantly, “boss pleasure no problem, but it is not necessary to so high”.

“liu recently spent 12 million to buy the phantom, because the garage at home is too small, a few days to sell again.” He said: “liu’s mentality”.