Clari, no longer let the “little salesman’s death” again

product description

the Clari, established in 2013 with sales staff as the main customer object, introduced is the move as the forerunner, data management, forecast analysis and processing of sales tools. According to official figures, Clari can help sales staff to reduce 80% of the workload of data entry, so that the sales staff to focus on sales job, rather than being shackled by the data processing work of mechanical hands.

Clari founder and CEO Andy Byrne, CRM customer relationship management system is not adhering to the simple substance, so the traditional way and the mechanical data entry has been let the sales staff is troubled. Today, data entry has to twilight, based on scientific analysis of data is on the rise. The sales people and Clari is provides a simple user experience.

in Bryne view, Clari development speed is much faster than expected. Continuous optimization of the product and user’s feedback is good for the development of the Clari foundation.

service description

at first Clari some also is a free platform + value-added service concept. Clari for sales staff, based on the device, CRM customer relationship management (CRM) application on a large, diverse data to the data processing and analysis is given. Value-added services primarily to sales management, is designed to help managers better specify the strategic plan and direct work, cost about $monthly 50 to 60 in each user. And these tend to be more strategic decision and management of the service was welcomed by many managers now, Byrne said Clari data analysis for the considerable help prospective managers.

at present, the Clari has 15 different data sources, every day there are a large number of data with the sales staff work – including mail, calendar, CRM records, all kinds of news, and Dropbox, Box, LinkedIn, Salesforce, constantly updated data on Sharepoint platform. At the same time, Clari is 50 big business cooperation with Europe, America, Asia, to participate in the enterprise is given priority to with the United States. While Clari paying customers include Cisco, VMware, Nimble Storage, etc.

financing situation

Clari in April this year received $6 million from sequoia capital financing, recently successfully completed B round again, a total of $20 million. This round of financing by Bain Capital Ventures led, sequoia Capital, Northgate Capital for refs. At this point, Clari totaling $26 million.

Byrne said financing will be used in product platform, designed to allow sales managers, team, etc. Many people can make full use of Clari custom in strategy, replacing the traditional CRM customer relationship management (CRM) system.

the future Clari will face more channels open API interface — likely will include customer want to include all data sources. Byrne said Clari services for sales, sales, customer relationship related to the content of the integration of extraction, and results of the analysis and provide valuable advice, sales staff only need fast response, focus on the position of sales.

after this round of investment, Bain Capital Ventures partners Ajay Agarwal join Clari board. Agarwal says that until now there are many companies seeking to optimize the CRM customer relationship management (CRM) system. As investors are attracted to Clari is providing comprehensive solutions – not just let the sales staff work mobile, is to build a great sales platform, to each process of the sales. Clari its emphasis is the advantage to get the data, and in response, point of view, the entire platform Clari done at the same time, the sales information into data and gives the analysis of the process also very valuable. Therefore, it is conceivable that any for a company that sells mainly will be Clari potential customers.