Codecademy: one-stop service programming education network

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since the launch of two years, become the pronoun of the basic education of computer programming network Codecademy.

at the same time, the company said that they themselves have also been learning, and have introduced a new version of the website, and strengthened the study framework, and not just confined to basic education programming.

in some ways, it is the company is trying to learn programming with the first step in the job and transformation, and this process may be through a web site to provide education service charge additional programming or training curriculum, so as to achieve oriented programming programmers and developers, the transition of the continuing professional education one-stop services on the Internet.

the company’s co-founder zach SIMS, said the company in New York’s start-up to “anyone can easily get started programming method” to start, “we are trying to take the more advanced the concept of education teaching, and not just to let you learn from zero.”

there are more than 240000 people around the world through Codecademy provides courses, the company is tracking the rise of new programmer after through the site training professional skills and progress.

SIMS said, now the company is the core of the new focus on more advanced skills, through the improved training method, allowing users to build up their own foundation Aiabnb mode of iteration.

if simmons in Codecademy blog, first in the new curriculum involve a code block test of the new curriculum, how to make different parts of the visual page can be the dynamic change of schedule, and use professional developers an approach to website professional term.

the company said, the use of new teaching framework will eventually users that connect with the social and career development opportunities. This is Codecademy to realize the first step to wider field of vision and goals, will appeal to universities, companies, and the introduction of employment network, to help Codecademy users through the web site to the actual career.

simons told us, Codecademy has cooperation with the education workers and organizations all over the world, in the UK, Malaysia and Singapore on the basis of computer programming education provides centralized services around the school. In the UK, Codecademy has been entered into the existing curriculum of junior middle school and high school.

in the end, through the web site provides Shared a composite service, job seekers can get point to promote the development of web design and programming.