Come and look at Jibo, affordable home robots “nanny”

for each of the children, pets, parents or other relatives family, what is missing?

it must have been Jibo the family robot. It’s about a foot high, slender six pounds, the plastic friend is not speak but I don’t nag unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). It also has the aesthetic appeal, suitable for any home decor. It is a fixed robot, don’t walk in the house.

Jibo sends out a friendly, witty and clever, with electronic eyes, ears, sound, can provide comfort for each member of the house, teach and personal assistant.

as a personal assistant, Jibo remember important events on the calendar and schedule, timely warning. Its good distribution of each family member’s information to identify different people.

Jibo test action, voice and smile to determine the optimal opportunity. It instinctively, paying attention to every person in the conversation to support video calls, as natural as the caller is in the room.

Jibo will tell a story. It USES sound effects, graphics, emotion and the appropriate movement in the discussion.

start Jibo first need to connect the wi-fi network in my house. The second user taught to recognize his face and voice. Download and install again Jibo mobile application (iOS or Android), and connect the Jibo mobile facilities. It can also be connected to a laptop and a desktop interface. Next year, Jibo will have body parts, software upgrades, and application.

Jibo “gut” consists of two color stereo camera, whole body touch sensors, a 5.7 -inch high-definition LCD touch screen, two high-end speakers, a high-end moving ARM processor and the full spectrum of LED lighting environment. Jibo “skeleton” made of aluminum, ABS plastic and glass.

Jibo can rotate 360 ° and for sound localization. Jibo power from an AC adapter or battery, it is the brain of embedded Linux platform. It relies on wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity in the real world.

Jibo camera face recognition and tracking could take photographs and video calls. Coding the user to the microphone and language processing in conversation with Jibo anywhere within the scope of hearing. Jibo with pleasant, a human voice, using artificial intelligence algorithms to understand master quirks, likes and preferences. It moves up and soft and flexible, it’s not like a robot.

Jibo still need to improve, and through the raised platform, consumers can be purchased for $499 m of the existing beta. Developers are paid $599 m for the robot to the SDK.