Comedian Wang Zijian also phone, do you feel

king famous comedian since alive, twitter announced officially involved in mobile phone industry, a move that sparked heated debate.

today early morning, the king of the alive its microblog announced:

friends, the mobile phone business has started to have a substantial progress! All kinds of excellent creative so much! The use of a whole new experience! Please wait for next summer!

there are fans immediately ask, than a hammer mobile phone? Wang Zijian responded that “the depth of a hammer is the existing system optimization, and I this is new”

however, surrounding Wang Zijian do mobile phones, attracted a lot of predicting comment.

star do cell phones have antecedents, cui jian, han geng and other stars have brought the custom mobile phone, even have involved in the industry once rumours jay Chou. The reality is that star phone looks good, but not a star phone sales get ideal results. The best-known hammer mobile is currently in the maelstrom.