Competition musk! Amazon CEO bezos r&d vertical take-off and landing aircraft

Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) is an Internet pioneer. 20 years ago, he founded a garage in Seattle, Washington amazon, and turn it into the world’s largest online retail store.

as a result, bezos has become one of the richest man in the world, Forbes magazine launched in 2013, one of the richest 400 americans, he ranked 12th, worth about $27.2 billion.

however, is unknown, and a lot of baby boomers billionaire (such as Elon Musk (Elon Musk) and Richard Branson Richard Branson ()), bezos also began to enter the field of aeronautics and astronautics. His company (Blue Origin LLC) company is working with capsules and virgin galactic airlines compete in the field of private aviation.

unlike musk and branson, bezos is more cautious. Company is quietly working on a reusable vertical take-off and landing aircraft New Shepard, for the space flight. It will use its in a base to launch; After that, it also prepared to achieve orbit.

recently, the author and the 50-year-old bezos talked about his space travel plan. The first question I asked is whether you want to take the entrepreneurs own aircraft to space travel. “Of course.” He said without hesitation, “the goal of the company is to make space travel safer, cheaper, so that the space on each hope people can realize their dreams. We have a very great team, they are march toward the goal.”

like many americans, bezos also encouraged by the Apollo moon program in the 1960 s. “When I was five years old, when I saw Neil Armstrong, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin) walk on the moon, I feel very fascinating. This let me completely in love with science, engineering and exploration, it also inspired countless other individuals.”

a few years ago, bezos a whim, “I want to know whether we can search for and find the realization of the engine of the Apollo 11 moon mission. If you can find, then this can encourage more young people to invention and discovery?”

so, bezos organized a team to search for promoting the Apollo Saturn V rocket engines. The engine in the course of 40 years ago, NASA’s Apollo launch the separation, and crashed into the Atlantic ocean, located 14000 feet underwater.

in March 2013, bezos and his team boarded his Seaboard Worker outside and miraculously found several of the Apollo engine.

“we found some engines, but we are not sure they are from the Apollo 11.” He said, “Kansas space center staff decided to help us to identify, we have been silent prayer.”

after careful identification, they finally identified some of the engine from the Apollo 11. “When we get the good news, I remember I was happy for the team, because they are skilled, and putting in a lot of time and energy.” Bezos said.

he plans to these engines on public display in various places, including Washington, d.c., the famous National Air and Space Museum (National Air & amp; Space Museum).

of course, like everyone else, bezos about Apollo 17 in 1972 manned mission to the moon was very disappointed. But, as all the great entrepreneurs, bezos is filled with the spirit of optimism.

“in a sense, this is understandable.” He said, “these large-scale projects, expensive. However, if we can together to do something exciting, seemingly impossible things, even if it is not a mission to the moon, is enough to be called great in the world.” (happy)

source: tencent technology