Complementary advantages, hisense, TCL, joint Roku impact the smart TV market

over the years, there have been rumors that apple is developing network high-definition TV, but at least for now, this is the analysis of blood “dream”. But now comes the Roku it produced comparable to those of apple TV box network streaming media video television.

it is important to note that Roku smart TV is the first batch of manufacturers from hisense and TCL group in our country, different size of the screen Roku TV within a few weeks to prepare shipment. Roku international CES in January 2014 trade show, announced that it would trade with CE manufacturers cooperation.

Roku is a streaming video services and hardware development of start-ups. Roku in this giant pouring into the market development and harvest, to a large extent is that it provides some unique experience: lower prices, innovative design, etc. But as a separate company, its prospects.

now, want to play smart TV industry, should respectively in the field of content and hardware layout, respectively. Though hisense and TCL has been leading the domestic smart TV market share, but on the content of ecological layout and lacking. Roku as streaming video industry star, just can make up for this.

by default, the user opens the Roku TV will see streaming service options, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, and HBO Go, rather than a set-top box or TV antenna input (although can change the Settings after installation). Roku vice President of product management, Jim said Funk, smart TV provides “a simple way to play, can choose pay television, wireless television and streaming media.”

in addition, TCL and hisense TV remote control with a one-click button, through the cooperation and content providers access Netflix, amazon video, wal-mart’s Vudu Rdio and streaming music service. All in all, Roku TV – with existing media player – provides more than 1500 channels of streaming media content.

TCL now sell four full hd TV Roku (1080 p), different prices different screen size: 32 inches estimated retail price of $229, $40 in 329, 48 inches of $499, $55 inches in 649. Companies show that is now accept reservation three TCL Roku TV with HDMI interface, at the end of August and early September, the national retail stores are expected to sell.

hisense Roku H4 series TV began in late September shipment, main domestic retailers to sell 40/48/50/55 of an inch TV. Hisense Peter Erdman said vice President of consumer electronics in the United States, hisense company does not publish recommended retail price, because the cooperation of retailers offer according to his will.

Roku TV special design of the remote control to eliminate the digital keyboard and half of the traditional remote control button, driving through the screen menu Settings and navigation. The television is controlled by the Roku application of iOS, Android or Windows, the user can directly via mobile devices send people to the television video, photos and music.

dreamworks and Technicolor joint venture of the M – Go a default “movie store” Roku TV partners.