Complete flat quasi materialized, is not the simple sense of design

cloud network hunting on July 9,

remember once in a meeting of theme, there is a guest when it comes to the financial industry, made such an assessment: “expert professor who’s job is to put some very simple logic method, processing into a heap of people don’t understand, but the feeling is very profound like nouns, to improve the threshold of the industry”. This kind of situation really is applicable to many industries, including design industry is more there than ever. After all, executives need to start from the aspects of text pretend bility.

as pretend bility than the battle, in the design in a kaleidoscope, long live the technology of science and technology in the world, with channel is king, face look happy attitude created a new world! GUI (graphical user interface) has been GongDou stuff for so many years ago, is now fighting with flat quasi materialized the trot.

flattening and quasi materialized are two kinds of different texture

cloud network editor you every time I see “flattening” hunting “quasi materialized” these two words, always there is a fog, flat – the interface icon with a few laps to replace? Quasi materialized, according to the physical picture is a figure?

where did they look at? Some circles look good again two days also tired! Was just don’t feel good, you also pile of a pile of dazzling physical again! Want to bother me?

maybe many people will like me have this feeling, and then come to the conclusion that the two are not good-looking! What you make? Unless the designers are great, one tuo excrement can also give you beautiful dress! Such comments.

the most people still don’t know what this group of people noisy noisy. At the end of the day or the two names too interference resistance, is not an accurate reflection of the essence of the two designs.

the United States at the end of the day are the result of the layout, special effects, the transition (actually ugly, strange, etc.), and finally present different sense to the person. For example: some people BiZiYan mouth face grow very well, but one together the whole people like long slanting (like me), the reason is that the layout, color, between the person all organs (effects), transition, make the texture of the various organs can not be good. The same example there are some people write a single word is very beautiful, dare not flatter put together; But many other people is a single word is very ugly, write a piece of very feel.

and “flat” and “quasi materialized” two nouns just picked a feature of both name, a lot of people because the two big characteristics of mental preconceptions, calculate to consult the relevant information or where the core is unable to understand their beauty and not beauty. “Flat” and “quasi materialized” design do good not all can be beautiful?

with the characteristic of the two design, simple sense is named, flat design should be called dazzle light color (apple), color piece typesetting (Microsoft), design should be materialized called shadow texture. This is two different texture features.

from the design operation, the former should be called minimalist transition, which should be called fine transition. But they don’t like “flat” and “quasi” as a general representative more category, sounds not very tall.

flattening and quasi materialized exactly which good?

at the beginning of quasi chemical design is in order to save trouble, flat design is now in order to save trouble.

the former is the province the abstract simplify need extraordinary imagination; The latter is the interface after more and more, saved design texture difference to do a lot of different texture. To know the flat when facing this problem, only need to change the thickness of the different colors, lines can solve easily.

and many people were against the cause of the flat went here – in addition to the flat after texture, shading, enables the design to create the simple sense of less. This is a lot of beautiful extremely demanding of people can’t afford to.

however, flattening is really that time? The minimalist design really will not be able to create more sense?

apparently not. Flattening dazzle light, color piece, and not just a simple layout these special skill, frosted glass is special effects? Profile is special effects? After integration into the transition animation, each skeleton line can make a different dynamic effect. This is quasi chemical design is difficult to achieve.

and flatter design also true is the feudal, any shadow texture is not allowed to touch? The two into a feud?

obviously not, as long as a whole is not against the idea of the minimalist, add some shadow texture to generate more special effects, simple sense, also not be. As long as beautiful, as long as the user easy to distinguish.

the essence of interface design in a variety of shape, texture, combination of point, line and plane, abstracting from life, life is difficult to show the aesthetic feeling, to meet user experience thinking, resonant, finally, as far as possible concise way to integrate into the product.

be materialized and flattening are conducted in accordance with the direction, just a flatter, more abstract, streamline, resulting in the design of the many not perfect.

in the future, with the help of more talented designers more exclusive creative design there is no doubt that can let a person shine at the moment.

interface design is the nature of refining, simplification, abstraction, when we are to be materialized the paranoia, don’t didn’t find many of the physical life is people’s own abstraction, creative design results.

flattening and quasi materialized both yes, two are in urgent need of creative product view, bring you different kind of beauty. Just didn’t be materialized flattening the details of heavy and complicated, can cover the shortage of the creative.

but hunting cloud network editor you give evaluation is: creativity is greater than all, flexible and comprehensive vision is greater than all. If both the characteristics of squeezed himself in his own, refused to new creation, so would rather neither!