Concerns about online shopping clothes don’t fit? Fitle take you on the 3 d virtual human to try on

when Charles Nouboue was still in school, he had no time in the store shopping normal business hours. Online shopping is also very difficult. He said: “(online), you don’t know what I want to buy it, but couldn’t find the right size.”

so he recently and Gaetan Rougevin – Baville) Kickstarter campaign to fund Fitle cooperation, it is a virtual fitting room, let you in custom 3 d virtual people trying on clothes. They hope to raise $50000 before this Saturday, and as early as Monday, they actually have raised more than $40000.

use Fitle, you need to enter your height and different Angle of photo. 30 seconds, Fitle can create a custom 3 d virtual human, its accuracy up to 99%.

Nouboue and Rougevin – Baville recently is developing can use 3 d present cooperation brand product technical Angle and size. Most of the initial cooperation companies are developing Fitle company located in France, but also include Levi strauss, jeans and H&amp Ralph lauren; M. Kickstarter funding will enable Fitle the process of industrialization.

as the name implies, Fitle as appropriate (fit) and style (style). This site also can choose according to your past and your size for your tailored to belong to your style.

“now, online shopping is like no Google Internet,” Nouboue said, “at this moment, Fitle come!”

Fitle again

you can also keep clothes in our wardrobe “, when you want to buy new clothes can be tried on your virtual humans. If you are from H& M to buy a shirt, next month can basically try on Levi’s pants.

but Fitle is not the first to create a 3 d virtual people the fitting of a company. Previous customized virtual requires the user to measure their own and the input data, not accurate and fast enough. Other options, like two years ago by TC report, which need to store scans the body. With Fitle, all this can be done on your iPhone.

Fitle for shoppers to save time. You can try on suit with the mouse without in the dressing room before the end of the line, you also need not rushing around to the store and came back with a pile of clothes size doesn’t fit, can you imagine shopping is so simple?

Fitle, I’m so cautious and excited. As suburban Chicago, a college student, I don’t have their own cars, in class, work, and additional course, I don’t have time to take a bus go to the store again. Online shopping is just for me. Although the mouthwash to granola bars I bought all packages from the Internet mail (Target and like amazon), I still can’t make up my mind to buy clothes. My height is high, the bottom width, even in the same shop different styles of clothes, size is not the same. Because of my shopping budget is limited, I still tend to wait until to the entity shop try on before buying. If Fitle virtual people can like its developers said accurate, it will completely change my way of shopping.

now, the company has been able to digital virtual people, it is preparing to finalize the fitting project. Nouboue and Rougevin – Baville expected, shoppers in February 2015 in Fitle.