Confirm!!!! A taxi foreign application Uber financing $1.2 billion valuation of $17 billion

a taxi foreign application Uber announced yesterday completed a new round of financing of $12. Not Uber put the cash in the bank at present, the company now has $17 billion valuation.

as a haven’t got such a high valuation of listed company, after only Facebook won the honor.

the company’s investors in this round of financing including Fidelity Investment, Wellington Management, Blackrock, etc. Early rising is also for reference for investors.

Uber services have covered the 128 cities in 37 countries and areas of the world. What’s interesting is that Beijing is a city of Uber one hundredth service coverage. Although Uber in North America and other market development are flawed, but industry analysts are not optimistic about Uber’s development in China. One reason is that domestic drops, fast, led application by fierce competition.

however, Uber can get such a high valuation, more important is its business continues to expand. In the concept of Shared economy, driven by Uber has to enter the city short delivery, etc.

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