Conspiracy theories? Muddy water question again net of qin are behind the three suspects

recently, muddy waters accused net again fermentation qin audit and annual report.

on July 6, the short-seller muddy waters again reported, qin’s recent statement is still in the misleading investors, distort the real audit status, and may delay the timing information release, cover insider selling. On July 4, independence day holiday for a few hours, before the start of nets qin announced its audit committee chairman Han Ying (also known as diet) to resign.

mesh qin official response to this reiterated the qin independent investigation committee to hire a us law firm Shearman & amp; Sterling LLP and deloitte financial consulting services co., LTD., a forensic accountant (generally referred to as the “panel”) announced the results of a survey, the results show that the network of the qin dynasty in the cash balance, sales, trading, partners and users, acquisitions are not muddy waters accused of problems. Net of the qin dynasty also pointed out that the muddy water on the one hand in again to repeat the past has been confirmed that there is no problem, on the one hand, with the “suspect”, “to”, “we think”, “assume” such words, these are all speculation, not a fact.

this time, the network of the qin dynasty seems to be “don’t care what said muddy water”. But read the report of muddy water, in addition to the above hypothetical and speculative conclusions, also appeared a few very interesting.

suspects a: muddy water why suddenly jump out to speaking for Han Ying

from July 4, Japan and South Korea ying qin, chairman of the audit committee from the web to quit after the issue of the news of its real leaving reason, delay report to resign, 60 s physical problems to resign… This time, the muddy water suddenly jump out to speaking for Han Ying, June 25, Japan and South Korea and mentioned ying has to inform the net qin decision to resign. On the issue for network pr patch, qin pr department confirmed that no this message.

let a person feel suspicious, muddy waters where know these networking qin marcom all don’t know the news? And why in this time suddenly jumped to Han Ying package?

doubt 2: muddy water how to “know” Han Ying leaving reason, blasting corruption no evidence

muddy waters said in a report, Han Ying left exposed web qin director of the nature of the “independent” to investigate corruption, saying “the survey found widespread bribery evidence”. There are two special eerie place, let a person a mystery.

a muddy water is how to “know” Han Ying departure was “related to network qin’s own problems,” qin company after news statement Han Ying departure and have no differences, in the outside world media speculated Han Ying departure when its real reason I did not make any public explanation, net is qin marcom so far are not Han Ying calls make interpretation of “personal reasons”. And muddy water without and Han Ying done under the condition of communication, interview, how to infer Han Ying because muddy waters alleged corruption problems and don’t want to continue the compressive departure?

the other is a muddy water said “the survey found widespread bribery evidence”, but the evidence? Muddy water in the first round of the report once every argument in his post “pictures” inside the card. Why not post this time? And muddy water, in turn, points out that the “independent committee” is not to pursue, this is directly accused Sherman and deloitte survey is not correct, and then have accused Sherman and deloitte shield behavior. Ask, muddy water, Sherman, deloitte, everyone who believe?

three suspects: muddy water sources through deliberate

muddy water said that, the fact already clear, PWC will never release the audit report without reservations. The most horrible imagination space in mind out immediately.

as I couldn’t find where is the PWC announced so, also can not find the qin said so, may be my information is too narrow, really admire muddy waters can be learned from a mysterious channels exactly “on June 25, PWC will not release the audit report without reservations and told the net of the qin dynasty” the message.

the whole report, muddy water using the “suspect”, the word “hypothesis”, “to”, and “facts”, “clear” related content is very internal, not in the scope of the media disclosed the news. So the conspiracy theory emerging in my mind, will continue to follow up about this.