This is very important and you should read it carefully before doing anything, because if you are interested in an answer you should do things correctly.

Technical doubts
If you have any technical questions, about computer science or any related subject, do not send me an email, go to the forum, use the search engine if there is something already written and if not, you register and put the query in its corresponding place.

– Emilio, why are you doing this to us?
– Dear friend, it is very simple, up to date I can receive an average of 10 emails from
which 20% is repeated, so if people get used to putting their doubts in a public place, you will find beforehand the solution to your problems and I will not waste so much time repeating the same.

Then, any technical question that comes to me in the mail, I will limit myself to not answering it, any technical questions posted in the forum, I will receive a reply as soon as possible, and if it is not mine, it will be of any other.

For everything else …
For anything else, you can use the following contact form.