Cook: no matter how you look, anyway, I’m very pleased with sales

apple just released 2014 Q2 earnings, according to apple more than 50% of revenue this quarter, had been listed by the ten months or more contribution to the iphone. In contrast, the sales keep falling, fell nearly 10%. However, Mr Cook said: “the sales have to our satisfaction, but it may make you not satisfied with.”

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here are the results:

Q2 apple’s total revenue of $37.42 billion, net profit of $7.7 billion and diluted earnings per share of $1.28. The data to apple expectations, but slightly lower than Wall Street’s expectations;

the iPhone is still the main force of apple’s revenue. A total apple sold 35.2 million iphones, this quarter revenue of $19.75 billion, accounted for 53% of total revenue. The sales amount is higher than the same period of last year’s 31.2 million grades;

apple’s total sales of 13.27 million units, this quarter fell about 9.1% last year, fell 19% year-on-year. Cook, explained the decline in sales and channel inventory reduction as well as North America, Western Europe market weak periodic performance;

Mac this quarter sold a total of 4.4 million units, to this, apple pointed out that the growth of the Mac sales, is the main contributor to the MacBook Air.

iPod in the quarter a total of 2.9 million units sold;

apple iTunes became the fastest growing business revenue;

the App Store at present a total of $20 billion in revenue for developers, the figure for 13 billion dollars last year;

from fiscal year 2013 to now, the apple buy a total of 29 companies, there are five in April this year.