Cool the online promotion manual, want to put together the encyclopedia

cool pass is hunting cloud network has reported a product, the pain is to solve the problem of developers to submit application. Specific articles can be seen.

application submission and market monitoring is cool announcing the function to play. Founder wei-jie li also said that they are not going to get through the whole development environment of the industrial chain, the chain of multiple links have different companies are doing. They have to do is issue link, based on product do a developer ecosystem. On the basis of the ecosystem to do more commercial exploration.

article said cool technology transfer is doing a new product “manual”, around the developer to do product promotion operational guidance. Purpose is to let the couple can quickly spread industry knowledge, narrow the gap between the old man with the industry, already popularized in do application developers have more system theory knowledge, learn to more professional promotion methods.

this product is now online. There are five categories, namely, data report, the market dynamics, market rules and market KanLi and market contacts, and behind the online promotion methodology.

do the introduction

data report:

the integration in the industry since the 2011-2014 published more than 400 reports, including baidu, tencent and their Allies, iresearch, ai media authority and the company have included data released report, let developers to quickly understand the industry development trend.

market dynamics;

integration with more than a dozen domestic mainstream application of the latest market dynamic, let developers first time know the market direction and the latest official activities.

market rules:

integration starting, activities, the market in quantity, such as the latest rules, can let developers know the market rules, the fastest by these rules developers can promote their APP with minimal cost.

Market contacts:

collected market open contact of each head let developers rapidly accumulate and expand their own network resources.

in hunting cloud network point of view, only made some cool the current promotion manual industry data integration, let developers can get relevant market “one-stop” work style to understand the status of the industry and the contact of public contact. Impressive, line behind the meeting is still not enough promotion highlight methodology is its core.

about this problem, hunting cloud network also consulted cool team, they tells the story of the specific form of promotion methodology.

at present, the early stage of the promotion manual do industry data integration is to let developers can quickly understand the dynamics of the industry, especially for new developers to know much is growing fast. These data appears in the media industry is little but is a great help in the developer appears to be. Save time, find industry data more quickly get market contact person’s contact information. You can be treated him as a gun.


to open the market, not light has a gun, and shot. Subsequent online methodology of “promoting” can be seen as bullets. Promote the methodology can be regarded as a practical guide. Will be introduced in all the details of the market, how to change, how to channel cooperation, how to apply the recommendations, how to do starting and so on. The encyclopedia of equivalent application promotion industry. Whether it is a new open person or veteran can quickly understand after watching the industry. But only do this enough? Is not enough, cool team, according to the Montana follow-up industry are invited to do offline promotion experience sharing, dry goods plus practical application promotion guidance to help developers do. The future will fully cut operation and service developers.

because the current methodology “promoted” haven’t online, hunting cloud network also invite developers do bad experience, but based on cool pass, manual to do application promotion world encyclopedia. Prospect is very good. Cool and do all the way to send the role of water, but what is certain is that launch will make their commercial promotion manual exploration way more clearly.