Couples social applications why not fire up?

a book called “The Science of them Intimate Relationships (Science) for intimacy,” wrote in The book, with The experimental results show that in The circle of friends bask in sweet and affection is The most unpopular person in The social network. Is not free for couples social public social space provides the survival opportunity, but focus on couples social mobile applications has appeared.

the first Couple social mobile applications “Pair” (now renamed “picking”), was born in 2012, the United States held business incubators Y Combinator Demo Day (demonstration) activities. Under the background of concept of the most popular social network, social main couples “Pair” quickly won the high attention. , followed by the same social main couples “Between”, “a little love”, “love” and other apps are online.

but, from birth to now has nearly two years, couples social applications has yet intimate social trend. First launched “picking”, for example, apple store all downloaded at around $2 million, compared with the huge mobile Internet users, the size is too small.

couple social applications why not fire up?

viscosity insufficient

couple social applications are often face the shortage of viscosity test.

first of all, the interaction between a single. Although communication between couples may be more frequent than the average person, but the interaction between two people, after all, is limited, limited interaction determines the couple social applications using frequency not too high.

second, the lack of feedback mechanism. The contents of the social applications can only be released in couples lovers see itself, lack of other onlookers and comments, feedback is too little, affect the use of motivation.


private chat is main function of most couples social applications, but instant messaging market is in a piece of the red sea, and compared with the ordinary chat instant messaging application, lovers social application service features, function homogeneity. In short, the micro letter, QQ have been able to facilitate communication, why put a couple of social APP?

and, many couples social App services is not stable, message delivery delay phenomenon often happens. Internet jokes often have such a story: a male users as news delivery delay no reply in time, his girlfriend angry and repel, and conflict between the parties.

couple social applications are how to save his life?

although facing small user groups, the present situation of the market demand has not yet fully developed, but the couple under the rigid demand of social, there are players choose to enter, such as in April this year just launched “You& Me “. In the face of couples, the problems existing in the social App social App for some couples try new things.

rich function

in order to avoid the homogeneity, and improve the user viscosity, couples the social App around the target user developed more. Among them, the game is some couples social App introduced to enhance the attraction.

“small love” embedded with a game, called “where is the” rules of the game are found in a whole page of the pictures; a picture of my partner The micro love embedded two game play husband and love tree. The rules of the game is simple, theme couple life, more ground, couples to produce certain appeal, but the risk is that the rules are too easy to let users.

in the same application, the additional features of “love” is more, in addition to the built-in games, has also developed “couples desire” and “our home” two functions.

to build community

in order to solve the problems of the feedback too little, “small love” choose to build mode of public discussion and private communication area. “Small love” in the “lovers” and “space” two plates, “lovers” is a community, users can post, comment; “Space” is a common home page couples, open to all “small love” users, let different couples can visits. The two plates help users at the same time of have a private space that belongs to lovers, and have to have the public sector of mass communication. Protect both the lovers intimate social needs, and to provide more content and interaction, solve the problem of too little feedback, increase user stickiness.

tools for entry

some of the tools are cut into the couple social market. In march of this year, a great online lovers, couples edition divide boys and girls, girls can be set for the binding of boy related data, the boy can be in the first place to receive notification of the girl’s physical condition, the two sides also can talk. Social function, though less couples App is perfect, but from the tool Angle, is more practical to the user.

with integrated instant messaging carries more and more social relationships, fine classification of this kind of main private social APP may will have better development opportunity. Is relatively intimate lovers social App features, although have low viscosity and homogeneity of the defects, but in a couple of illicit close under the rigid demand of the social, couples social App still exist and development of the space.

compared with “picking” domestic “love” and “small love” on the social demand meet couples made more attempts, through analyzing the user feedback, these attempts have received positive results. The instrumental application into a great class this niche, social App for couples with more imagination.

(tencent technology Korea in accordance with the people)