Ctrip pulling the handle of the net, the outdoor model

in the outdoors is belong to the world of adventurers, along with the tourism products, tourism destination, tips, swim etc, all kinds of start MaoJian more niche tourism products. Vertical, professional, individuality, customization becomes a trend.

Internet entrepreneurship is very much, but not many people turned from traditional industry to do the Internet, considered a Xu Chen, his previous positions as civil aviation copilot, now business in the field of their favorite outdoor sports. pulling the handle of the outdoor network, to do outdoor sports online booking platform .

if in a few years ago, the field or small group projects, but in recent years, outdoor travel is a second-tier white-collar lifestyle is an important part of. But several problems in the outdoor market, this also is Xu Chen do drag the meaning of the handle of the net.

“information asymmetry”, many outdoor club known only in the “circle of friends”, information, outdoor enthusiasts don’t fully understand.

“do not have a unified service”, usually ordinary outdoor enthusiasts have no experience, and those unscrupulous outdoor sports club will collect fees in disorder and poor service quality problems.

pulling the handle of the outdoor network is aimed at the two weaknesses, information asymmetry, pulling the handle of offline team is responsible for the screening of outdoor products, each club stores of outdoor products are offline team go to club after reached cooperation, checks on quality and interesting, screen out unscrupulous merchants .

followed by price, use plain code marks a price, transparent policy. To show the club product information at the lowest price cooperation, transaction, after pulling the handle of a commission on transaction deposit . And strategy will only accept merchant service, consumers don’t have to pay extra for it.

actually pulling the handle of the early stage of the strategy is very simple, now their suppliers focus on guangdong, Joan, because the present domestic outdoor club more concentrated in guangdong, hainan. Localization consumption or majority . Do so through a city expansion, so confident.

, pulling the handle is a heavy offline half Internet companies operating , depending on the offline operations team to filter the club products, prophase work must be strictly controlled and security. But it is also a kind of disguised barriers to entry. The construction of the business cost is not a day for two days.

to Xu Chen goals, they have to do is not the one and a half Internet companies, while is the traditional industry background, but their understanding of the Internet is still very full. Moved to outdoor club product line’s biggest advantage is that they are too involved in inventory management, outdoor club reception capacity flexibility is bigger, the price also has a season, it pulling the handle of the net club products also becomes relatively easy.

to the next phase of the redesign, Xu Chen and the team has been on the agenda, they will continue to optimize the user process. Browse, buy to pay to complete closed loop. But pulling the handle of the most short of a thing, is the user atmosphere and word of mouth.

precipitation years of outdoor field wizard outdoor net, net doyouhike have very full user atmosphere and cohesive community. how to attract a group of high quality seed users drive the atmosphere and product reputation, pulling the handle of the future has to be a very important point .

in subsequent supplementary Xu Cheng performance is very modest and said that the current products are just forming, the road to entrepreneurship is still in groping, recently they are in contact with personal and angel investment intention.

pulling the handle of net

company: Beijing bay dragon information technology co., LTD.


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