Dangdang network is the ghost: executives to take kickbacks of 15 million yuan, buy house to buy cars

Beijing news dispatch (reporter liu Yang) recently, Beijing dangdang information technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as dangdang) enterprise sales director Chen for misappropriate company sales gift card rebates 1500 ten thousand yuan, was sentenced to eight years.

dangdang network audit found that the “hole”

charged with XXL and company sales director ma, staff zhang.

prosecutors accuse, XXL three people in August 2011 to March 2012, the convenience of using work in dangdang, to any customer information buy dangdang discount gift card go above selling way, misappropriate company more than 1500 ten thousand yuan, after being seized.

it is known that when dangdang network in the gift card sales, according to the amount of customer purchase to give a discount. If customer buy reached 80 million yuan, can obtain dangdang discount discount.

in April 2012, dangdang network in the audit and internal investigation found that a company in Shanghai to discount buy gift CARDS, see the other in the name of the company remit money to the phenomenon of dangdang network account, discount for discount of these companies, sales of 316 million yuan.

dangdang think problems in people such as Chen, and report to the police.

at the end of 2012, Chen and others be controlled.

related materials confirmed that Chen and other three people take advantage of this marketing way to earn money, including Chen used the money to buy a BMW and a set of properties.

the defendant was sentenced to refund “kickbacks”

trial, three charges, but challenged the amounts.

defenders think XXL is not guilty of the XXL, said the case audit report was commissioned by dangdang network company, the lack of neutrality and authority, thinks the insufficient evidence to the case.

court believes that using XXL three position is convenient, any customer information, through the way of “Shanghai company payment”, use the other client money to buy gift CARDS, price to sell again, thereby causing loss to the company more than 1500 ten thousand yuan. Three people through the “buy low/sell high”, the original belongs to illegally possess oneself of the company’s money, has a job occupation crime. Defenders of the defense opinions, the court will not be adopted.

a few days ago, chaoyang court, XXL three people for private profit, such as using common position is convenient, the appropriate units of money, huge, make crime of job occupation, Chen was sentenced to prison for eight years, ma, zhang prison 4 years, and ordered XXL, ma common range dangdang network of more than 1000 ten thousand yuan, Chen and zhang range of more than 480 ten thousand yuan.

s case playback

the top merchants to buy card remittance indicate “code and company”

this case the defendant Chen said that in 2008 he hired dangdang, President of enterprise sales director, responsible for selling gift CARDS, etc. Dangdang gift card is a kind of commodity, equivalent to the stored value card in dangdang network can be used to buy goods. He can give customers a 9.8 discount at most permissions, right of its superior only 9.5 discount.

in 2011, the company and the Shanghai company signed sales discount card.

XXL, said in a to help the company in Shanghai brush sales by chance, he found that in the other sale card to the Shanghai company name, after the discount card from the company, according to a discount of 9.1 fold to 9.4 fold again sold to other customers, to earn the difference. To sell CARDS, however, he is not one can be done, so he put ma, zhang mou to cooperate, to sell card cent.

ma said that the company and the Shanghai discount purchase project, he is responsible for the specific operation. Then, other companies to buy card, XXL let him for the price of 9.2, 9.4 fold sell “third party”, make the difference.

Beijing haidian district electronic sales staff li mou, said ding good mall in October 2011, he introduced the XXL in this case. XXL let him put the money to dangdang, purchase gift CARDS, and then with a gift card to buy mobile phones and computers. He successively to dangdang scored more than 1000 ten thousand yuan, and in accordance with the requirements of XXL for dangdang remittance remittance in the remarks column, indicating a company “Shanghai”. However, he and the company no business in Shanghai.

People’s behavior, such as

XXL also caused the dangdang worker’s suspicions.

dangdang network company staff room one, said in April 2012, the company found that there are a lot of consumers hold discount card, but the company discount card only for a company in Shanghai. In August, the company found a large number of individuals and units by the sales staff to buy discount card, XXL inform finance can “operation”. For this matter, dangdang contacted a company in Shanghai, was told that only pay 80 million to buy a gift card for dangdang network company, for more than 200 million yuan is not clear.