Daqi, flag down, still can stand up?

05 years, BBS polymerization is very popular portal, standing on the concept of WEB2.0, fire a lot of sites, one of the most representative three, qihoo network, daqi, stick and, when traffic is pretty good. Now more than in talking about these, just sigh.

qihoo is a smart, do safety after transformation. Like a catfish and impact all the way, for 11 years.

easy, first community search engine. Now more difficult to find his information online, transformation into a social marketing agency, day also moist.

the most rare is daqi, community aggregation aggregation portal website to word-of-mouth, passed so long, still insist, but fate seems to don’t care whether you stick to it.

Status how

09 in January, daqi newsroom layoffs of 40%. You know, the former CEO daqi chun-lan zhou foreign define, daqi and qihoo community is different, the standard editor, will do screening and processing of community content, more like a media, but less media editor, or the media?

fever, layoffs and community banner began to decline. Is the only witness, website under “dynamic” banner update frames after they 09 “a housewarming” below.

waves, difficult yet, 10 years in March, the Internet people MouChangQing, banner website links actually doing business, it seems that disease is not clear, to becoming a second-rate media business web site, go down, want to come, too.

as MouChangQing post said, rarely see commercial websites selling links, is a commercial site itself can get returns through normal channels of advertising. But daqi do, indirect proof live hard, from here, “standard” network no longer stand.

daqi chairman ding-biao wang accepted the media interview before, don’t believe in forum tianya, say they are destined to no, today, how to say it, maybe he half right, just he daqi far worse than the mop.

mop with oak Pacific acquisition, has been in June to 12 years to guangxi nanning regional development. Thousand oaks to mop all assets to the newly established subsidiary of beautiful legends. Good at capital Chen to mop and a new electric business listing to find opportunities. And recently began to expand the field of mobile game.

for the end of the world, is now in the elite erosion and elite struggling community ecological transformation, and in 2013 the world’s most hotel booking website booking.com, in overseas tourism markets. Start to layout tourism electronic commerce business platform, like wisdom tourism industry.

at first glance, are in transition. Online community under the microblogging and micro letter collision, more and more marginalized. But there is no denying the fact that doing good vertical community is still vibrant, tiger, iron community, these are good.

if all of these is a special case, that the author can also shameless give examples of grass pomegranate. Only to illustrate the point, the value of community lies in the content. To retain users is atmosphere, after all is communication. Online communities destroyed or rebirth, stripping momentum factors, careful management is the key. Content can create value, the community is a kind of existence, as a display, gathered the existence of the atmosphere.

: this article is not to fall. Is to awaken the daqi, because I think, now that daqi did not fall, still insist, then there is the hope of rebirth. Hope they can abandon the past, brave, find new torches and start again.