Day honeycomb CEO blasted go behind the scenes: false reviews is a nuisance

on May 5, hunting cloud network comprehensive report

five before a small long vacation, day of cellular CEO Chen Gang shelling comments go through false fraud in the open, Chen Gang think where to brush the critique behavior has shaken the foundation of integrity to the industry. Then, there are media reports that travelers by soft wide income of tens of thousands of travel notes, industry be exposed.

first to see Chen Gang shelling:

Chen Gang in weibo wrote:

“if write positive comments for where is the hotel, we can give you 500 yuan travel fund.” This is a few days ago I received the invitation (dialogue screenshots see long weibo), later learned that a lot of day honeycomb senior also received by the user. Convince other people to write “positive”, this kind of misleading users no wisdom. I think the only real evaluation can help the user, this also is the foundation of your my career. I don’t know whether agree with?

where customer service responded that hotel reviews are real comments from users, Chen Gangze response, had the.

Chen Gang: and this is your reply? It’s nonsense with your eyes open! 500 pieces of “positive” is a kind of abuse of the spirit of sharing, insult to the Internet community culture! Such attitudes, both business logic and value idea, is a day of cellular enemy!!!! I will never allow such bad behaviour erosion online travel industry!

Chen Gang hidden rules of shelling uncovered the online travel industry, media reported the subsequent exposure in the industry.

there are travelers, according to her every week received multiple companies offer, in addition to the hotel, including laptop, digital camera brand company, can bring tens of thousands of dollars each month income.

north green news reporter in the survey found that travelers inserted in his travel notes “soft advertising” is not alone.

travel talent chamberlain has their own personal travel blog and weibo, and has a large number of readers. In his personal page, a lot of public relations companies and brands in the comment, hope to cooperate with.

in zhang’s view, talent cooperation with some brand they such travel in circles are not uncommon. As travel travel writer awareness as well as the travel quality, public relations company and brand of the price is different also.

now, zhang received every week several brand companies and pr companies cooperation invitation, these cooperation let oneself can have tens of thousands of yuan income every month. As their is always “on the road”, he has his own brokerage team to approach these business.

zhang is introduced, the content of the cooperation with the company not only is the designated hotel, laptop, digital camera brand companies will be looking for him, for he provide a wide range of products during the trip, “from the basic quite so.” Sometimes, these products will appear in his travel photos.

“some people really don’t have the bottom line.” Zhang said that he has been by a moral bottom line, will write the real feeling in the travel notes. But there are some travelers, and did not go to a hotel or eat some snacks, and pick up the money after send pr companies send their photos in travel notes, and make a positive evaluation, it is belong to cheat the readers.

“circles do have this kind of phenomenon.” Beijing chaoyang district a pr company customer manager, said that many see, these famous travelers were seen as the media, and these celebrities account cooperation is a kind of way of network marketing.

he suggested that travelers when doing promotions, can also be considered in the article some advertising logo or statement to remind readers that is advertising. In addition, he said, some writers have never been to a place but because took the money and said yes, or go somewhere later clearly the actual general said very well, these are false advertising, there are cheat audience composition.

Beijing jinghua edwinmcconkey lawyer law firm, said whether travel talent in the travel notes published feeling from the heart, feeling all belong to the category of advertising published after receive money. According to the “advertisement law” relevant provision, in principle should be in the filling advertising logo, so that readers can have corresponding judgment in contact information.

a number of readers in hunting cloud network survey, planning tourism often watch a travelogue’s got talent, talent travels and even become the only basis, they make travel decisions about these travels is inserted into the soft wide, unable to discern the reader said.

the personage inside course of study to the hunting cloud network, said Chen Gang anger is right, if let the fake comments on flood, the user is cheat, so will greatly damage the credibility of the industry, industry review websites based on the foundation of will be shaken.