Deep understanding of APP offline with the market

cloud network: hunting APP online pay attention to marketing problems, is a good quick pre-installed shortcut. So, about mobile phone pre-installed, you know what?

this article about pre-installed, took about two weeks. Don’t write to despise himself.
The cause of the thing is that two months ago, the boss heard in XX and XX pre-loaded with cooperation, the goods is laid down thousands of users, so ask me: is it possible to see where the channels. So I find the already well known in the industry, then, because the more famous 315 philosophy of white students, with a vegan spicy feast, in an offline pre-loaded course of the system.

because of the many small white students involved, so after the first draft pretended respect sent him a look first, who knows she saw after say not enough deep throat, and then pulled another professional pre-loaded player (youku (big) in the southern gong gave a noisy barbecue store took a more comprehensive science.

so this article merged the two professional players experience, there are some in the working process of thinking. Serious finish see, offline pre-loaded to have a comprehensive understanding of the market, hope can help to people in need, seriously recommend careful reading.

the following the end of gossip, talking about serious things.

phone production components and can be pre-loaded space

1, the chip maker: spreadtrum, MTK, qualcomm, etc. Status: the cool back pre-loaded with permissions, other brand mobile phone may not strong and diu diu cuts. BUT: can you fix chipmaker that level users into, in September last year appeared to have to navigate the MTK, directly to navigate cloud browser pre-installed into more than 100 million mobile phones to deliver goods to all over the world. Pre-installed on the APP in the chip is unloaded. You can’t get rid of. Discharge! No! Off!

2, project business: mobile phone prototype, version of the chip to the manufacturer. Or the manufacturer requirements are also put forward design. Domestic several big solutions business: when, zyxel, Howe, days yi da, superior. Zhonghao it into game to have a third party, and the day can do sketch whitebox handset pre-installed; The other 4 g in the first half of this year is based on the amount of qualcomm chip + optimal solutions, is also very significant.

with the manufacturer’s operation is more and more standardized, scheme, now also have no pre-loaded with authority, but they kept the PUSH.

3, vendor: the cool, OV small incarnate (oppo, vivo, millet, meizu) is the cool already very strong, with permission to withdraw specification cooperation pattern has been formed marketization, installed 0.5/a. Business to find the right person once pr is said to have a drink a few times could wave a hand to pack up, right now, ha ha.

OV small spirit’s relatively clean, as are its own sales channels, from the vendor level cut nor the rhythm of the rich can. Such as millet seems only to lei jun in the department of product may be pre-loaded.

【 said a terrier, COS last friend assistant to see li, on the way to give advise, “I said, after a short while chat with ah li is something I go first, you stay there directly knelt before Lebanon, strives for the millet to pre-installed on your dumplings, don’t pack up… this thing you want to make it, then write a” to do with “how do I get millet, the next day to see the entire qinghe district wu great knelt down with all parts of the country’s business, za accounted for a good location, back to sell knelt in the order of ranking is not good to make a fortune…

phone distribution stage and can be pre-loaded with space

1, the generation: auditions (samsung, huawei, lenovo mainly mid-range phones), love s&d high-end mobile phones (samsung), putian too, mailed in cefotaxime (brush), cool people.

2, provincial generation: this layer is the tripod, and cool music. Sail yue this flash business begin to enter the domestic places

3, sales outlets, suning, gome, these have to do this kind of channel resources integration of above three stages of sales is the main mobile phone pre-installed, brush a layer of a layer of brush, brush some brush ROM some root, brush inside will not be able to unload some can do, just pretend to be a installation, water or are deep.

the current channel business circle line do good, can row on the youku’s big potatoes, tencent OuYangXiao jie, Raymond louie headlines today this several.

operator channels with

operator channels is also to be reckoned with an offline market, a large number of cell phone from the business hall is distributed, tentacles into every corner of the network, the 345 cities, counties and villages…

in a second-tier cities, used the Internet lifestyle, once I also wonder, who also to buy mobile business hall. Facts prove himself is really too young, too naive.

how can cut to the operator level with? Follow their strong kpis to work mode, so produced now, we can see that “no flow” APP or zone.

the way I am not very understand, don’t blather. Guess is about: buy traffic you help your KPI and replacement with resources.

online distribution channels to buy traffic cost is usually thought to be of CP, such as an application market to download free flow zone, the zone of the user’s natural attraction is bigger, split the position of the zone to sell advertising space to fill this part of the purchase flow cost. Silver also didn’t take, installed capacity has improved, in-depth business relations.

flash traders operate

only big companies such as zte, huawei baidu tencent could keep up a special cutting with cutting operators’ team. But the mobile Internet booming in recent years, many entrepreneurial teams to grow, a lot of money in hurry to take out to grab market share, dig people not so easy, don’t have time to cultivate, so like ding, datang flash fast-growing business in just one or two years.

looks very light, but the reality is competition is very fierce, brushing, brush each other machines, or relationship with upstream and downstream partners, duplicate brush, many of them are at a loss in the shop, channels, and the cost is rising again and again, this is the unit price with channel from the beginning of 0.6 2 $0.6 up to now.

flash business comes in general at the provincial cities and the contractor; Free markets (such as gray or operator channel flow of machine); Fry quotient (similar to futures, cell phone use market spreads money) and local operators. They adopt the charter flight mode wholesale, generally 8-10 yuan/cell phone.
Docking APP, downstream terminal, do business in the middle. Their tentacles also is very wide, few smuggling gray is said to have approached way and drug trade joint scene in the movie didn’t 2 sample, like meizu millet control channel brand, will also be available in the free circulation market can drill.

at home have a tripod, cool music, sail yue, the dragon, zhang star conception of five big flash, small white (micro letter: xiaobai123) on god said ding open technology can do not to drop, unloading is go in the base of xi xi also revealed that in addition to his several other business are female (a few this mean?)

say something related to money and digital

every day in the android mobile phone shipments in 100 w, can flash market accounted for 20% of the market, which is 200000 units;

tools activation rate is higher, the application of 100% of the security class, as long as there are boot since the launch of the activation function can be more than 80%;

installed 0.4 0.8 yuan/a: even if a battery pack on money, not package arrived; Arrived in 1-2 yuan/a: mount, open is achieved;

a large Internet company monthly single preinstalled in a third party to spend the money is to be 400 w +

(model of science: they used to, because the installed cp don’t like it, activation patterns channels don’t like it, reach the mode as you like it.. So to play word games any fun ~)

what kind of product is fit to be pre-loaded promotion

recently a friend to help, I find a place to business hall tried recommended installation way, see the data in some activated every day, but the users to use time to 30 seconds, obviously just opened, and then no then.

pre-installed is a good means of promotion, but more suitable for the general public utility class applications, such as browser, security aides into the mouth, the activation rate is high.

electricity, niche, car may not be fit, but can also try the models do, such as high-end machine alive specified machine of what, just do the traders degree of understanding of their products.

why pre-loaded with the rapid development of market in the past two years

niche product because I’ve been doing, understand after so many question, uncontrolled, high threshold, the risk is big, effective slow so many shortcomings, why still so many products in the pre-installed channels spend money? The reason is like this:

1, on-line channel is more and more concentrated, delivery cost is higher and higher, some entry level 2 products after such a long operation, the amount of online channels to bring into the bottleneck, wash the almost 3, offline pre-installed market more and more standardization, low barriers to entry is more and more 4, mobile phone manufacturers, scheme, external interface is more and more transparent, commercialization and marketization
5, because the flash is likely to encounter the brush, and so on and so forth, the arrival rate is in commonly 50%, flash, also more adapt to the market demand, introduced according to reach (activated) settlement service
6, with channels have exclusiveness, especially serious homogeneity product may not appear in the same cell phone. While online channels could pull up a list for several lined his same service product line.

with the advantages and disadvantages of promoting

Advantage: 1, loyalty is a replacement tide in recent years, we have to think about these phones for the arrival of people – mostly young for parents to use, so this is part of the channels of access to the older group, this group of new things to accept degree is low, belong to the passive accept rarely change again after that.

2, scale advantage: with channel share account for 20% of the whole android phone shipments, or 200000/day. Single flash, a day to goose factory single app to activate the 4 w, today’s headlines offline channels to bring small 200000 new every day. (make dumplings I can do this data, when the boss ride him would be all right it’s probably the man even sweat b)

3, can be customized: can take the shortcut on the desktop, and increase the rate of activation.

4, not uninstall advantages, resident app phone, even if life need not, long-term exposure of the brand value also have a small icon.
Period 1, the quantity is slightly slow: a batch machine generally 3 to 5 months out of the finished goods, work slower
2, activate the user cost control difficulty is high, depending on the application type, will produce many sleeping users, so the niche product needs refinement on the

3, high threshold of cooperation: need full in advance, the minimum amount of hundreds of loading, is an investment for at least 15-200000 or so, not penny for start-up products.


thanks to ding a small white and youku big patience science. Most of the time, to understand the deeper the more feel a little, but the beginner, when a little knowledge can high-spirited feel already saw all of them..

but in fact every one of us energy is limited, don’t have to put all the doorways to touch clear, there are specialize in. For pre-installed market, APP extension workers need to do is: to determine whether their products right, decided to do not do, how much money do, how to do the best, find of professionals to solve the problem, according to the effect analysis to adjust the next step.

to something in the field of marketing, I also in the continuous exploration, through the understanding of the lap, at least know your product at present is not suitable for go this way. But I get to share out, if you can help to other people in need, that is very good.

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