Delete the more than ten thousand comments overnight Apple is to do this?

malicious brush list and hiring ghostwriters false comments, has become the App Store App Store’s ills, and according to science and technology of several us media reports, apple has already see not bottom go to, start by artificial means of false comments to clear, some bad, tens of thousands of comments overnight to be deleted.

is known to all, the AppStore software, some developers, began to brush on the list, to spend money hiring ghostwriters, download applications, and a false comments and evaluation of the star, in order to rapidly improve the league and the final downloads.

it is reported that the apple the clear plan, has not announced, the specific start date is unknown, but it appears from started in May.

AppleInsider about apple news website reported that apple consolidation plan is the most serious, is a company named Daneco application developers. The company that developed the bad application “good free font” (BetterFontsFree), recently, however, the company found that software overnight, deleted 15000 comments, this move can only make the apple.

since may, in some of the iOS development network BBS, there are many developers, their application’s comments, a lot of to be deleted. Of course, none of these complainers admitted publicly oneself is hiring ghostwriters to comment.

in the iOS development circles, brush list is already an open secret. In some free professional market, many developers to open quotation, require water army false download application, for evaluation of stars.

it is reported that if the position in the list of download, can give developers will increase the income of tens of thousands of dollars a day.

last month there were reports of Apptentive company for apple’s app store and Google Play app store the comments on the authenticity of the survey statistics. Allegedly, false comments in AppStore accounted for 55%, Google Play account for only 45%.

according to the survey, the false comments were the most serious application category respectively game, multimedia classes and applications.

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