Della: Microsoft needs to “data culture”, the Office is master data of the scaffold

Microsoft’s new leader, today announced that Microsoft need to establish a culture of “data”. The company only had firmly establish the concept of “based on data driven”, to accelerate the transformation of enterprises. Della thought, with the ability to collect and process the data, is “on the basis of the” mobile first, cloud base conditions. While many Microsoft platforms, including Office, service is the “scaffolding” to get the data.

Microsoft today launched a few tools, with emphasis on the data service. The Azure Intelligent System services (Azure Intelligent Systems, Service) and the APS System analysis Platform (Analytics Platform System) is a bright spot.

Azure intelligent system service 】 【

is currently only for preview Azure intelligent system services to cloud service integration with the Internet of things. According to Microsoft, the service will be available in all kinds of equipment data, and upload data safely on cloud server.

although the concept of Internet of things is not particularly clear, but the unicom has gradually formed the framework of items collected information. With the further development of the Internet of things, can want to see all kinds of products in the future on the sensor only grow, and can be used to transmit information, may also be familiar in our daily life “than” smart products.

obviously, Microsoft has intention to use the cloud service technology in the field of Internet of things opened up a piece of heaven and earth. According to Microsoft revealed the information in the post, it will continue to carry forward the spirit of cross-platform, “the new service tool can get information from all kinds of operation platform, operating system is not hinder.”

APS analysis platform system 】 【

the APS analysis platform system is integrated the SQL and Hadoop, so that enterprise users can query data better, and processing.

Microsoft’s chief operating officer Kevin Turner, describe the APS is a powerful tool for users to manage data. And Microsoft CEO, which is also called the APS in the post for “packed in boxes of big data.”

the launch of a few such systems/tools are the main service in the Microsoft “culture” – the theme of the data in the data analysis is now everywhere the era, have to say “data culture” this word can describe quite a lot of people like all things in the practice of “big data”.