Depending on the basic determine released third quarter, lenovo and meizu is at the helm

/ZongXiuQian, from tencent technology

Letv phone plan exactly to what extent the progress? Following the end of October last year and this year the end of January after twice exclusive music depending on the cell phone plan, tencent technology of two important information:

a Letv phone listed schedule has been basically determined. After the mobile phone project earlier this year, now has entered the stage of key research and development. Viewed from the internal timetable, is expected to launch in the third quarter, depending on the cell phone, mobile phone set time to market in the fourth quarter.

two after don’t open recruitment after the basic research and development and product manager, more secretive top large-scale poaching action has been performed. From last year to this year, following the meizu is responsible for the vice President of marketing and research and development of the two, since joining Letv Ma Lin MoCui day, former vice President of lenovo and MIDH Feng Xing China sales department general manager will join Letv.

Feng Xing at the construction of the mobile channel, especially the operator channels. Join Letv can solve the problem of cell phone Letv channel sales. Dig Angle looked from targeted, Letv phone interested in research and development, marketing and channel layout on the rich experience of management personnel for the mobile phone business.

as before le regard CEO Jia Yueting said, happy as always wanted to build a from upstream content production, to the platform contributions, to the CDN transmission, to the terminal cover and external input the complete ecological applications, the so-called “content + platform + terminal + application” le regard ecology. Examine Letv layout, there are networks, cloud, Letv pictures, super TV and video platform LetvUI Letv box, smart TV operation system, smart TV application market LeTVStore various disposal, but also the lack of mobile phone terminals.

the secret plot in most years, Letv phone if we need to do is not the question. Can see, the music depending on the cell phone by private research and development to reduce people focus on music depending on the phone, continue to overweight ecosystem. At the same time, through the introduction of experienced management and r&d personnel at the grass-roots level, trying to walk less detours, improve their chances of success.

schedules: in the third quarter released in the fourth quarter of the listed

since last October, le depending on project began in the industry are not open recruitment, in the early stage of recruitment is to attract experienced product managers and developers, many such as lenovo, meizu phone project members had received poaching notice.

to early January, the team has the scale of 100-100. At this point, the Letv phone project formally in internal project.

at the time, there are familiar with the music told tencent technology, depending on project progress to the music depending on the cell phone will not take on single product strategy, but two or three mobile phone. The main reason is that, first, compared with other from scratch to do mobile phone manufacturers, because music have a research and development of television language and resources, music as a mobile phone and do two phones development cost is not too much; The second is, compared with other mobile phone company, Letv started relatively late, at the same time push more phone to speed up the pace of catch-up.

at the time, push Letv mobile phone or a high school low-end three, respectively according to different user groups, or based on different configuration, do a few different screen size of a mobile phone.

however, the present stage is still not known Letv is single or many mobile strategy. Now to be sure, depending on the mobile phone has been on a prototype development phase, such as design, basic design, chip, screen size, basic design and suppliers have been confirmed.

at the beginning of the year, tencent has learned that science and technology, according to the mobile phone from project start to launch a half-year of design cycle, depending on the mobile phone will make its debut in the third quarter.

there are now more conclusive source disclosure, le regard is expected to launch in the third quarter, depending on the mobile phone, mobile phone set time to market in the fourth quarter.

department of lenovo and meizu is at the helm of

in the past six months, Letv injustice excavation Angle from basic research and development and product managers to top management gradually, meizu people become the key object of poaching. Department of lenovo and meizu phone staff members become the main form of music depending on the mobile phone business.

Letv mobile manipulator is miniaturization: vice President, is responsible for to Letv TV program. To a former lenovo mobile business executives, is familiar with mobile phone product design, production and sales process. Letv mobile phone project, however, are not to do, everything but the introduction of a number of high-level personnel responsible for research and development, marketing and channel.

the two vice President of meizu MoCui and joining Ma Lin Letv news has Letv official confirmation, become a fact of life. MoCui day in meizu is responsible for the marketing matters, recently, MoCui day to Letv Letv TV executives status and contemporary home buyers on the signing ceremony of the cooperation consideration is around Letv TV and other smart home intelligent terminal layout.

Ma Lin has lead the meizu team development more mobile phone, and develop Flyme OS system. In apparent after Ma Lin quietly to join the Ma Lin ID information appear on the music as the official BBS, and on weibo forward depending on the talent recruitment weibo, offered to hire Android development engineer, UI visual designers and product managers and other personnel.

in apparent tencent technology to the industry to understand poaching in the process of the high-level, a person had revealed to dig Angle signal: “after the executives to join the meizu, there are more people will join joy.”

confirmed by the tencent technology various watches, one of cattle is the former vice President of lenovo and MIDH Feng Xing, general manager of China sales department. Recently, he will join joy shall be responsible for the channel.

familiar with Feng Xing knows, Feng Xing is more good at channel sales of mobile phone business, especially the operator channels, even be judged as “the most understand operators” professional managers.

Feng Xing joined lenovo in 1994, in 2011, he served as vice President of lenovo group, the business general manager operators, become a business leader lenovo mobile interconnection products operators. And with the coming of the one thousand yuan smartphones popular tide, the second quarter of 2012, lenovo mobile operators business has been the China unicom and China mobile (weibo) (weibo) operator market share first, lenovo has become the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in China.

then, in March 2013, Feng Xing promoted MIDH, general manager of sales department in China, lenovo smartphone sales will be entirely responsible for the Chinese market. In April this year, after adjustment of lenovo group architecture Feng Xing from MIDH China sales department Ren Yun services business unit. Beyond doubt, for Feng Xing, continue to do phone sales channels construction seems to be more effective, more handy.

after all, by poaching after solve the problem such as research and development, marketing, Letv also need to solve the problem of mobile phone sales channels, Feng Xing best operator channels help its natural size for shipment.

in mature markets can Deus ex?

as opposed to a series of intelligent hardware and intelligent vehicle intelligent terminal equipment cool new, there are nearly seventy percent in China popular smartphone has become “old”, the new release of smartphones is very difficult to copy such as the release of the apple iPhone 4.

even two years did homework hammer mobile T1, presents the configuration is also “qualcomm chip + SONY pictures suite”, this configuration is similar to other domestic manufacturers of high-end machine plan basic. Besides the charm of the phone itself, le depending on the cell phone also need to face more competition in the smartphone environment.

in the past few years mobile phone manufacturer brand war, price wars and parameters of the rounds after the war, the high-end market dominated by apple and samsung, Chinese manufacturers have been in the low-end market competition, the profits of mobile phone is more and more thin.

as lenovo chairman Yang yuanqing recently evaluation: smartphone manufacturers in China, it is very difficult at the moment. China is the world’s most competitive smartphone market.

a smart TV impressive performance of the business, Letv mobile phone can also make what pattern?

this will be the future of mobile phone industry one of the most concerned problem.