Depending on the cell phone “not why” to “music depending on the tablet” on? !

Le apparent before

a new conference “World Cup”, declared: “le saw the future lies in the maximum for younger users. Who mastered the young people who have the future.”

it is clear that no matter how much a product is nearly perfect, it is impossible to get everyone’s satisfaction. And as an Internet company, to seize the most for their contribution to the cash cow of target users, is the most important. If the music as “young economy” business philosophy, we ultimately, seems to predict a happy view is likely to what is the latest hardware products.

why “Letv tablet” is a better choice

after several domestic media, said le regard to the mobile phone manufacturing companies such as lenovo, meizu executives with design department, was determined to create a or more depending on the custom smartphones. From le declared “hardware + software + services + ecology” development strategy, regard besides box products, into the most popular mobile intelligent device field seems to be right. But in hunting cloud network editor jun appears as a video website, music depending on the latest intelligent hardware seems to be more reasonable should be a tablet products rather than smartphones.

first of all, from the external environment, such as market development space, the smartphone market saturation is higher than the tablet market. overall, global mobile phone users with the intelligence of the number is much higher than flat. Have bought a smartphone, in general not only for better video customization service (of course, the premise condition is good enough), buying a cell phone. In addition, we generally will not choose to carry two or more smartphones go out (of course, if you are a let public and private affairs separate very sensitive person except). A smartphone and a tablet is a common choice. This is not to say that “Letv mobile phone” can’t attract user function machine, just and millet, lenovo and other domestic power stronger, more professional manufacturers, compared Letv mobile phone does not have innate competitive advantage.

happy view held a grand World Cup of “old boy”, at the same time release 7 video application about the World Cup (show), in order to attract more young people. Le view, points out that the World Cup is a woo young man, a rare opportunity to build brands.

second, from the main Letv mobile intelligent device itself “video entertainment” attribute, tablet and it sounds like the product more fit. is a very reasonable inference is, whether Letv launched smartphone or tablet or any other equipment, the main customized video entertainment viewing experience is inevitable. Compared with smart phones, tablets of entertainment properties. Although most smartphones segment domains such as mobile phones have been popular, but smart as a stage of development of communication equipment, the most basic for is still a communication. With the advent of the era of mobile Internet, only this way of communication has been greatly changed. In our everyday life, especially in the process of going out, the wake in addition to check the time, the purpose of the most frequently is to see whether there is a message from QQ, WeChat mobile IM. The tablet as “the future of home entertainment center”, its core function should not communication but entertainment. Larger screen to watch video, play games and other recreation behavior obtained the better experience.

again, most importantly, the younger generation’s ability to accept new things, the tablet in the penetration is far higher than the older generation of young people. the older generation of traditional media, (of course this also includes television) has a certain degree of enthusiasm. Communication function as just need, seems to make smartphones in the older generation have stronger ability of penetration. They don’t want to just buy tablet for entertainment, even if has the ability to use tablet, also for the whole family sit together to watch TV this entertainment mode is more like it. As a main economic music depends on young people, the device must be to make young people love. In view of this, the tablet for Letv, seems to be a more appropriate choice.

music depending on the tablet to do? The amazon Kindle Fire is a good example

if you want to rely on the hardware to make money, is the most foolish idea. Letv will launch any intelligent device, there is no doubt that want to make money from the aspects of hardware is a wrong idea. unless your brand marketing and industrial chain integration ability can reach the level of apple, samsung, or involvement in smartphones, tablets and other industries will become the behavior of a thin margins. Hardware is a entrance, is a carrier, through hardware of software and services to make money is the right direction. It is suitable for the millet, amazon, also applies to music.

as a electricity giant amazon, it launched the Kindle, the Kindle Fire, and other products have been a failed to sell products. Both in product quality and user word of mouth is very good, but never give amazon a huge profit. It and bezos dabbles in many business, though not to earn money but to increase the amazon empire “walls”, make its service have more extensive “reach”.

music depending on the product of the same is true. the key is that the product to do hardware well-made, video customization service experience perfect, lower than similar products. the latest amazon launched the Kindle Fire of HDX flat screen display effect even more than the Mini Retina; The device also increased the “call” service, provide 7 * 24 hours for amazon users manual video after-sales service; More importantly, amazon’s tablet price is far lower than the products. These three factors made the amazon’s dream “” hardware entry.

“grasp the young people,” le regard has found a most the right path now. As with video business as the core enterprise, Letv entertainment ecological system eventually most large user also must be more “Internet” of the younger generation. We can hope Letv in under the guidance of correct strategy, find a more suitable for their own tactics.