Depending on the September release super audio, started around the TV to the market

today at four o ‘clock in the afternoon, joy see TV, senior vice President of Peng Gang published weibo: “are you looking forward to demanding perfection, listen to the future 】 【 super smart home electronics is supposed to be? # # Letv super audio you want to, is we have to do… See you in September!” , formally announced the launch intelligent home audio products.

as a company that started with rely on video content distribution, Letv this two years in the capital market, with limitless scenery. In line with their own controls the advantages of video channels to market, and deep understanding of the market on the Internet, le regard ecological model in the core of the customers and the capital market strong demand. As in the past two years the state work of property rights, its own Internet hardware, super television, music, visual fame reached the plane of the range, so to speak.

but intentions with a super TV Internet hardware to make up the music as their ecology, improve the user viscosity, really need to focus on “hardware” Internet more kung fu. After all the production, the use of smart TV scene, like a strong potential for smartphones. Especially on around such a big profit of products, more need to dig deep.

before the super TV production and sales have been climbing phase, the peripheral accessories can hardly form scale, weakened their intelligence potential profit space hardware. Le regard is the body feeling directly to the camera, a remote control, and even cloud base are separated from each other, as accessories to sell, to pull up water to make a profit.

now le around to see finally beginning to use other methods to TV market. Previously reported the router, to today’s apparent super audio, on the one hand, do not forget to continue to build their “super” of the brand, on the other hand also didn’t forget your own intelligent household ecosystem.

for the sound is a what kind of things? How big is the market? We actually don’t doubt, because the Internet hardware never lack of market, even a small niche markets. We are looking forward to, Letv how to make a small niche market into a mass market?