Difficult to have a fulcrum, acer recovery’s biggest concern

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recently, Stan shih will step down next month and acer acer chairman Jason Chen, CEO of news in the industry as triggered heated debate for acer in the future. So the adjustment of the acer’s top help acer recovery? Acer is the key to recovery?

in Stan shih said it would step down next month after acer chairman, acer released its earnings in the first quarter of 2014, as a result of effective inventory and cost control, operating profit in the net profit rebound after three consecutive quarter of losses, a profit of $40000. But at the same time, we see is that acer’s revenue of 76.72 billion yuan in the first quarter of 76.72 billion new Taiwan dollars ($2.55 billion), down 16.6% from a year earlier, also fell 11.4% month-on-month. In view of the traditional PC business still occupy the acer nearly 80% of total revenue, coupled with IDC and Gartner released the first quarter of this year the global PC market shipments in statistics, acer’s PC shipments fell 20.2% and 14.8%, as acer fulcrum of the PC business is still shrinking.

, by contrast, HP, dell, asus has a sharp drop in PC makers are also achieved positive growth in the first quarter. Plus has been the growth of lenovo, the world’s top five PC vendors, only acer is still in decline, more let we worry about is, acer this decline even more than the IDC and other vendors in PC shipments of Gartner statistics. As a brand PC makers, the ability to rebound is less than other manufacturers, can be seen as a whole acer fulcrum of the PC business competitiveness and the degree of atrophy. Actually throughout the performance of the global PC market in the first quarter, acer is the key to let the market was negative. Generally we calculate for a moment, if there is no acer, the global PC market is likely to positive growth in the first quarter.

but in the industry believe that from Stan shih step down next month and its new position is acer acer chairman self-built cloud (BYOC)’s chief construction, acer strategic focus in the future will be the cloud. But we want to remind the attention of the industry is here, Stan shih, when referring to the BYOC deliberately stressed the PC of the original volume is larger, the better, will be to build the foundation for the development of the cloud. However, from the performance of acer in the PC market, the basic instead in strengthening weakened.

then, as acer fulcrum PC business will get better in the future? From acer’s share of the global PC market, its not just down to single digits, and the third of dell’s gap is more and more big, and the next asus, the gap is smaller and smaller. In view of the traditional PC industry highly mature, acer in the industry the opportunity or a breakthrough point to (as its advantage of netbooks become a dark horse in the PC industry) the chance is very slim. In addition, because this year lenovo bought IBM’s X86 server business (short for enterprise business board) and MOTOROLA’s handset business (overweight mobile Internet terminal), at this point, HP, dell, lenovo in traditional PC camp all have the ability to have diversified complementary, by contrast, acer even in traditional PC industry want to put all your eggs in one basket, not the opponent’s capital.

since traditional PC business to fulcrum of a rebound, then a new mobile Internet terminal tablets and smartphones can become acer new fulcrum? Although Stan shih’s hottest successor, current acer CEO Jason Chen has said that the two strategies of acer axis is self-built cloud (BYOC) and networking equipment, devices and mobile phones, the future should be combined with BYOC acer hardware products. But also from acer is currently in the tablet and smartphone market showed hardly have a breakthrough, not only even shrinking. Acer reported in the first quarter, for example, its tablet revenue accounted for only 4% of the total revenue, and 8% during the same period last year. As for smartphones, acer will try in the water.

what has been discussed above, we believe that for the future of acer, although BYOC ideal is very good, but if there is no protection support, BYOC will become a real floating clouds. Do not underestimate the important role of protection. Remember that Archimedes’ give me a fulcrum, I will pry up the whole earth “quotes? Unfortunately, for acer, it is difficult to find let its cloud strategy implemented, and the whole enterprise recovery fulcrum.