Digital money grew hot, Betterment won $32 million in financing

in this information age, a variety of services in the field of gradually into the digital, digital money now also began to heat up. Lower cost, better service, more sophisticated interactive effect is the advantage of digital money, and investors began to take a fancy to this piece of blue ocean, also have a stake in digital financial management.

Betterment is one of the newly popular digital financial services companies. Announced on Tuesday, Betterment C have raised $32 million round of funding, the round Northwestern Mutual Capital led, other participants include Citi Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners, etc., the early investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, Anthemis Group has also cast. The Betterment investment totaling $45 million.

on the other side, the Betterment of the old rival Wealthfront earlier this month, also successfully completed the $35 million C round of financing, raised $65.5 million so far.

at the same time, another New York digital financial company LearnVest announced a raise $28 million, the same round of investment by the Northwestern Mutual Capital led, and cast parties including Accel Partners, such as American Express Ventures. LearnVest raised $72 million in total.

digital financial companies, and similar SigFig, Personal Capital. These start-ups in personal financial services are different, but its purpose is similar – to high-end wealth management services to the public popularization, is no longer confined to elite.

Betterment is different from the the digital financial company is to provide advice to the user, also play a role of broker/dealer. Therefore, users are able to get from Betterment here the advice on how to invest, and can actually done through Betterment investment.

the Betterment with 30000 customers, a total of operating assets are $500 million, compared with 2013 quadrupled. (Wealthfront operating assets of $800 million. Betterment says it will use the financing will be expanded to 80 people, 50 people team originally and began to focus on financial services market operations.