Dismantling apple bought Beats case: only 250000 users of Beats Music for $500 million

media speculation apple bought long Beats case settled yesterday. , including Beats Electronics, Beats Music two big business sector.

the apple is how to give the two pieces of business valuation?

according to the headset speakers hardware department valued at about $2.5 billion, and Beats Music streaming service valuation of nearly $500 million.

in the Code on the Conference yesterday, founder of the Beats love Owen (Jimmy Iovine) personally, streaming Music service Beats Music only a total of 250000 users in the United States, and this company is as high as 100 million global users completely is not an order of magnitude. Compared with the weak Beats Music, hardware division Beats Electronics was gratifying results, turnover of up to $1.5 billion in 2013.

although only 250000 users, apple still give Beats streaming media services offered a $500 million valuation, took a fancy to it may be that the potential of music product line integration and apple itself. Streaming media service apple iTunes Radio 40 million audience, apple has sold 35 billion songs, iTunes 800 million registered users, most of which are binding the credit card, and left a hobby music data.

apple’s iTunes, head of the department, will also direct leadership Beats Eddy Cue, said: “our overall consideration, integration of the both sides of the business will catalytic out surprise.”