Do you know? Facebook has dissolved the Android Home development team

on 28 June morning news, the New York times reported this week, Facebook has dissolved the Android launcher Facebook Home development team.

Facebook last year released a Home, want to change in the way Facebook photos displayed on the phone’s lock screen interface, and help users to more easily see chat messages and status updates. However, this product has not been able to obtain user widely accepted. Did not specify the New York times, Facebook about the Home work has ended, but hinted that the project is unlikely to continue.

Facebook to American science and technology on The Verge, said The company, in fact, there are still a team engaged in Home project. However, this may not be the first Home development team, or this is not a completely focused on the development of the Home team. Although Facebook promises to monthly update of the Home, but since January, the Home is no longer updated. The user still can be downloaded via the Google Play store Home, but the user for the evaluation of the application is not high.

there is no doubt that Facebook Home failed to qualify for the expectation of success. The Android launcher was integrated in the HTC First mobile phone. However, this kind of mobile phone began shortly after the market discounts, unable to buy on the market soon after. Although the Home itself will successful Android mobile phone turns into use Facebook’s special tools, but users have no reason to do so.

after the release, Home soon attracted less than 500000 downloads, but the growth began to slow down. So far, Google Play, according to the installation of the application number is 1 million to 5 million. For big companies release of application, the figure is very low.

however, Facebook also not into too many resources for the development of the Home. Similar to Slingshot and new applications such as Paper, Facebook to try to get Home on its own development, such as not to hold any launch event. Home also support them, eventually bursts and other social media sources, but the function is still not enough to attract enough new users.

Facebook willing to try new ideas, and watching these ideas would succeed. However, the Home is one of the important products. Rumors about Facebook is engaged in the mobile phone project has been for years, and finally the company issued a Home. Facebook realized, as users shift to mobile devices, take advantage of this shift is the best way to make oneself become the center of the cell phone. This is a bold goal, but not achieved so far.

at the moment, Facebook’s strategy has changed. Facebook application no longer try to use a complete occupation of the user’s mobile phone, but the service is decomposed into multiple independent applications, more and more Facebook users of mobile phone screen products. This is a relatively low-key approach, but may be more easy to implement. (d)


source: sina science and technology